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Lesbian Erotic Stories

Love erotica? Enjoy a free sex story? Here are some of the hottest lesbian erotic stories you'll find anywhere...


Don't Ask - Don't Tell

"It’s almost show time. The thought caused Shiran’s nipples to stiffen. She rolled them between her fingers, and the immediate response of her clitoris triggered even naughtier ideas. Shiran ran a fingertip over the silky material covering her damp forest of carmine curls, and pushed the fabric aside. Her fingertips found her swollen, pink clit and she shivered with pleasure. I’ve become such a little tramp. But then, practice makes perfect. Lust glazed eyes watched the wanton houri in the mirror. I’d better stop; Alie could be here at any moment. I need to save this for the camera."


Dani's Wild Ride

"I entered the saloon through the hotel lobby entrance and headed towards a seat in the far corner. I’d barely taken two steps into the spacious hall before I felt the eyes of the male patrons (and more than likely a few of the females) roaming over my body. I knew they were imagining what my big tits, curvy hips, and long legs looked like without the impediment of clothing; how my bee-stung lips would feel sliding along their eager cocks or suckling the folds of their sweet pussy lips."

WB Art!! Trinity


"Carmen moved her fingers over Trinity’s clit while Trinity’s fingers continued their assault on her cunt. They were finger fucking in perfect synchronization, moving and thrusting their hips while pulling off the others clothes."



"Her gaze burnt a path of warmth down between my breasts and over my stomach. Each breath I took lifted my nipples up eagerly towards her, waiting to be nibbled and sucked. With each touch of her fingertips, her lips, her tongue, her mouth, she spread through my being."

Spring Break

Sirens Of The Caribbean

"Four women lay on the floor, warm bodies pressed together in a new comfort-zone, as each gazed into the heavens and silent with their own thoughts. Their hands continued to caress, though none of the girls knew whose body they touched. Their orgy left them breathless."


Confessions of a Victorian Prostitute - Part 2

"She relaxed more deeply into the water and I noticed her legs parting, oh so very slightly, but sufficiently for me to manoeuvre the sponge in such a manner that both it and my right hand were hovering tantalisingly close to her cute little quim. I paused, briefly, unsure of my position. Was I mistaken in the messages I had received? Was I about to take a liberty too far?"


Shiny Things

"I started to move sinuously around the pole, pivoting, circling, spinning, caressing the pole with my legs, my hands, rubbing my body against it, dancing for her. She was captivated as I climbed and inverted, the moves flowing seamlessly into each other. I ran my fingers through my long black hair, down my face, my body, pushing my firm breasts together, my hips snaking. Slowly and gradually, I slipped my bikini straps off my shoulders, keeping my breasts covered, teasing. Finally, while still sitting on the pole, I let my bikini top fall to my waist, revealing my brown nipples, which were already hard."



"Jess brushed her fingertips against Tara's arm. It was rounded and smooth -- almost powdery, like the softness of fresh naan. She wanted to feel it between her teeth, know it with her tongue, but she held back. Jess lifted Tara's heavy breasts through the layers of silk, one and then the other."


I Like To Watch

"Jenna had watched from above as Beth sat up to look around as if she were checking to see if anyone could see her. After Beth lay back, her hands slowly roamed over her body, stopping to caress her breasts and to pinch and roll her nipples between her fingers. Eventually, one of Beth's hands slid down inside the front of her bikini bottoms and after she spread her legs a bit, Jenna could see Beth's hand moving in a circular motion inside the little panty while Beth's other hand continued to play with her breast. Jenna knew she should look away, but she couldn't bring herself to stop staring."

Bliss Domestic

Domestic Bliss

"She knows me so well, knows when to speed up and when to play with my breasts and when to taunt me and when to give in. She knows how to make me come, every time. She knows not to stop when I start coming because if she keeps pushing me, I’ll keep coming for minutes."