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From Tip To Toe

"With my cock out of my pants, I pulled her off the couch and onto the floor with me, and I crushed myself onto her firm, wiggling body, feeling her breasts through her turtleneck. I began grinding my bare cock into the soft front of her old denims. I grabbed her sensitive feet, using them as magical handles now, to anchor us."



“Fuck me Simon. Please. Please.” I detected an almost whiny quality to my voice. I was pleading with him, begging to be fucked. I wanted to feel his cock pressing against my cervix and hear his hips slamming against my pussy and ass. I wanted him to grasp onto my hips for leverage and fuck me harder than I’ve ever been fucked. I was so ravenous for him that it seemed nearly impossible to get in deep enough or slam against me hard enough."



"He saw it all in his mind, vividly, opening the door, his already swollen cock rubbing against that amazingly fine ass, cupping his hands around her breasts, his fingers gently massaging her nipples. He imagined her turning to him, the coarseness of her dirty blonde bush brushing against his cock, her eyes looking up into his and taking him in her hands, working him to an even more engorged state."


The New Girlfriend

“Look up! Look at the camera!” she commands. Stefan clicks away for as long as he can, but soon shudders overtake him, and he releases his orgasm down my throat. Jane is not pleased. She wanted to watch. She wanted him to come on my face. She wanted more pictures. Ready to get even, she demands he fetch her “little black bag.”


The Toy Wolf


"Domme Melanie was completely nude. She thought of how easy it would be to release Stone, to set him free. He would take her in his powerful arms and ease her down to the floor. That was how he took her when he was really aroused; like an animal, close to the fecund earth. And then he would deep-stroke her, as an alpha-male wolf his bitch, without mercy. He would growl and grope her ass; she would moan and lift her hips up high, in a mighty arc, as he penetrated deeper and deeper."


Friendly Skies

“Do you think this is a joke?” Anika asked. He was still bound to his seat. She rose from the kneeling position she’d assumed at his feet and drew herself upward. She squatted above his stiff cock, her breasts unavoidably in his face. “I said suck them, bitch. And I meant it.”


The Corner

"His tongue entered me again, its rotation wound me up like a mechanical doll, twisted into a state of suspended animation, waiting for him to release me into a state of what, I could not imagine. In this new territory, I had no frame of referential pleasure. I just knew I wanted what was to come, on his terms or mine."

Poor Boy.jpg

Poor Boy

“Georgie, does your wife do this, does she masturbate in front of you? Does she let you watch while she fondles herself, while she touches her pussy? Have you ever asked her to bring herself to a climax in front of you?”



“Fuck another man? In front of you? I think you want me to, Grant. Maybe you just don’t know it yet” Unbuttoning her blouse, she moved to him, a foreign intensity pulling them together. His eyes narrowed and closed as she stood on her tippy toes and whispered in his ear, “I’m going to fuck him in just the nastiest way, Grant.” She moved around in front of him, dropping her blouse and unfastening her black bra. “I really hope you like it,” she said with cotton candy innocence.


Spend Or Save

“You should see how red your ass is.” I jumped when I felt the palm of his hand. The gentle rubbing felt like sand paper, his touch not doing a thing to soothe me. Soon his fingers found their way to my pussy, and he teased me through the wet fabric. “My, my. You must be enjoying yourself. Maybe you did all this on purpose, to finally get me to spank you. You could have just asked, you know.”