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Shy Eyes

"Your hands lock onto my hips and hold me in place, your cock deep inside me. A breeze kisses my back, a breeze that is suddenly warmer, turning into someone else's breath, and I realize with a sudden flash of panic that we left the door open. The bed shifts as someone climbs onto it behind me and I push forward, trying to climb off you, but your hands are like steel bands."



"With my wrists bound over my head and my thighs and ankles lashed together with the pantyhose, I was more at his mercy than ever, but I did get a front row seat for a strip show that didn’t disappoint. Ito was even tastier naked, with sculpted shoulders, a smooth, golden chest, and an uncut cock jutting out, all hard and ready. If I hadn’t been tied up, I couldn’t have resisted wrapping my hand around him, licking the swollen head, taking him deep into my mouth."


Six Sides Of Steel

"The crowd roared as his cock stretched her. He went deep, growling in her face with every inch he gave until he could give no more. He held her in place, plugged and throbbing around his dick."


Beautiful Nightmare

"Feeling her arse wriggle against their conjoined bodies Danny began to move, long slow thrusts, sharp but firm. A moan sounded from Olivia’s throat as he ran his fingers over her reddened cheeks, nails cutting into her curves as he worked her eager pussy."


The Workout

“Hold still!” She took her time exploring my cunt, alternating between rough and soft touches, gently blowing on my clit one minute, then tugging on my lips the next. Then she started fingering me. “You’re nice and tight,” she whispered. “That must mean Rick over there isn’t that big.” Rick strangled back a protest and I giggled, only to cry out as she worked four fingers – then her whole hand – into my hole."

Hard n' Fast - Pretty Tied

Pretty Tied Up

"I am filled with you, my pussy sucking you deeper and deeper inside. I allow you to fill and complete me. Gently and slowly to begin with, I start to grind so that my clit rubs against your pubic hair, sending chills right through me."

Envy And Samson - Flick Switch

I Am Yours

"You are more than smiling now. You are aroused. You are watching your pretty little girl on her knees, sucking someone’s cock. You’re watching my pretty lips parted around a big hard cock, taking it deep into my throat just because you ordered me to. My ass juts out invitingly; my soaking cunt is open obscenely and exposed to the room, and they are watching."


Damn Corsets

“Thank you Little One. Now tell me what you want tonight, or do I need to discipline you for not answering my question…” Before I finish, he is on the floor, on his knees. He has placed one hand on the top of each foot and has bent to place his forehead on the back of his hands. I feel his slow breathing hot against my skin. It sends goose bumps shooting up my spine. “Mistress, I only wish to worship you tonight.”


Thorsday Night

"‘I told you not to scream.’ A more muted clatter is followed by a delicate splintering sound that tells her the lamp is down. ‘Do you want me to hurt you?’ He presses her against the edge of the table and shoves her back across it, prying her legs open around his hard body."


At The Manor Employed

"One by one, he tied each of her wrists and ankles to its own bedpost. The moment she was fully restrained, he straddled her torso. Then, in one deft maneuver, he pushed her breasts together and inserted himself between them."