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Dani's Wild Ride

"I entered the saloon through the hotel lobby entrance and headed towards a seat in the far corner. I’d barely taken two steps into the spacious hall before I felt the eyes of the male patrons (and more than likely a few of the females) roaming over my body. I knew they were imagining what my big tits, curvy hips, and long legs looked like without the impediment of clothing; how my bee-stung lips would feel sliding along their eager cocks or suckling the folds of their sweet pussy lips."



"Greedily, she pulled it toward her, widening her legs, searching for more. Next to her, she could hear her husband’s quickened breath and knew immediately that his hand held his own cock in an undeniable response to the image before him."


Manly Art

"James brought his brown lips to her lily-white breasts, licking and sucking them. Fidelia let out a profound moan as she began to stroke his impressive cock. The Caribe let out gasps and whimpers, obvious signals he was more than willing to experience the delights of Fidelia’s shapely florid pussy. Not wanting to deprive the lad, I eased up on my stropping. Fidelia was soon on top of him, her legs spread, enabling me to see her bum and its appetizing crack. Meanwhile, I espied James’ dark member pummeling her effortlessly from the front."


See Emily Play

"Emily waited. She did not feel fear, only a nervousness mixed with a desiring ache of an extremity she had never felt before. It was like she was to be fucked by the potency of nature itself. Her pussy was moist, the nectar of female desire dampening like dew her thick blonde pubes. She felt so horny she needed to touch herself but her arms were tied to the pole."


Confessions of a Victorian Prostitute - Part 3

"In order to gain better purchase of this oral delight, I too sank to my knees, dividing my attentions between the salty secretions of the minister’s cock and the sweet fruitfulness of my Lady’s drooling mouth, exchanging our tongues and jointly sucking on the knob end of a now uncontrollably thrusting erection."

Bright Lights!

Swinger's Party

"His fingers start to crawl again. And his eyes – those eyes - intense. Drinking me in. I lean into him. His mouth barely grazing my breast before I pull away. I tease and turn away from him. He pulls me onto his lap. My back to him, he nibbles on my shoulder and squeezes my nipples. We watch you. And her."

Angelina, Tristan and Ricardo - Threesome

Three's A Crowd I Like

"Dave wasted no time. He knelt down in front of her, pushed her legs back over the armrests and guided his dick to her pussy. Marc's cum was oozing out of her already and added to the puddle of her own juices under her ass. "Ready?" he asked gently, trying to keep the urgency out of his voice and succeeding only partially."

Envy And Samson - Flick Switch

I Am Yours

"You are more than smiling now. You are aroused. You are watching your pretty little girl on her knees, sucking someone’s cock. You’re watching my pretty lips parted around a big hard cock, taking it deep into my throat just because you ordered me to. My ass juts out invitingly; my soaking cunt is open obscenely and exposed to the room, and they are watching."

Angelina, Tristan and Ricardo - 3way

Past Or Present

"I felt his hard cock against my leg and his hand went right back between my legs, straight to my clit. I spread my thighs. Jake had moved forward in his chair, his erection visible through his pants. I couldn’t look for long, as Todd kissed me hard, bringing me back to him. I pushed my hips into his hand, feeling his fingers slide deeper inside me."


Threeway Video

"We were only a couple weeks into our friendship before I figured out Renee was a sex worker, and a few months in before she asked me if I'd like to ride along on some of her jobs. The easy ones, she assured me: just watching, usually, Guys seemed to love fucking her while I watched. It was fun to watch their cocks get hard when they stared at me, and I got a couple hundred bucks to watch a sexy live porn show. No down side. Tonight we were trying something new."