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Erotic Stories

Love erotica? Enjoy a free sex story? Here are some of the hottest erotic stories you'll find anywhere...

Double Vision

Double Vision

"He noticed her head was turned to the side the whole time, watching them fucking. Her eyes roamed from her own face, to his, to her bouncing breasts and to where his cock kept disappearing inside her. She began pushing back against him, spurring him to go faster and faster."


A Close Shave

“I release him and hop on to the bed. I get on all fours, then lower my chest to the bed. My ass is high in the air, giving him full view of his handywork. He works his fingers over me, feeling every freshly shorn crease then places his mouth on me, instantly triggering an orgasm. Kissing me and licking, flicking his tongue against my clit. I squirm and squeak as his fingers part my lips and he kisses me so hard that I’m coming over and over."

Intimate Moments

Making Bad Porn Good

"Lisa gasped as Chad’s rough tongue swirled around her clit. She grabbed a handful of his hair and held him there. Her body quaked for what seemed like a minute, but she knew was only a few seconds. He spread her open with two fingers so he could flatten his tongue on her clit. He held it with his tongue for a moment, looking up her body to watch her squirm."

Divine Touch

Movie Madness

"During a lull I heard the unzipping of his trousers and taking my hand he placed it on his exposed cock, pressing my palm and fingers around it. I kept still at first, just squeezing. Oh, it felt so hard, and hot and powerful. In the dim light it took on a creamy sheen, a solid rod protruding upright from his lap. As I very slowly moved my hand up its length he groaned, a clenched teeth groan—it would not take much for him to come either."

Erotic Exploration

Anger Management

“Kneel” I snarl, grabbing his hair and pushing him down into a kneeling position. I spread my legs, put one foot on a feature in the hallway, and push his face into my already wet pussy."



"I want to have an affair. I want to lose myself in a torrid, illicit, filthy encounter with a handsome stranger. Wait. No. Make that a string of handsome strangers."



"I heard his zipper’s metallic teeth opening as I stared at the graffiti covered stall in front of me. My skirt flipped up onto my back, and his hands ran over my ass cheeks slowly and deliberately. I expected a slap or two, but none came. Instead, the nudging head of his sheathed cock pushed at my warm cunt, barely teasing before thrusting deep inside."


Neighbour's Reward

“Fuck me hard!” I shouted. He rubbed his velvety bell-end on my fanny, covering it in my juices and his saliva, then rammed it hard inside of me, right up to the hilt. I cried out in pain as he grabbed my shoulders and pumped himself into me,  slamming his groin against my backside with each hard thrust. I could feel his big member moving deep within my belly, there was no feeling like it in the world! “Fuck me harder!” I cried out, something I would never have dared say to my husband."

Bree & James!!

Just Like Yesterday

"I let go of him and, with one familiar thrust, his perfect cock was inside me. We moaned together as his strokes came long and deliberate. We clung to each other, whispering practiced nonsense and pretty lies."


The Eroticism Of Danger

"She could almost feel him smirking as he removed his fingers and plunged his thick cock deep inside of her. Traci bit her lip to keep from screaming with pleasure. He had one hand against the side of the dumpster for support and the other on her clit. Traci closed her eyes and gasped each time he drew himself out of her wet heat and plunged back into it."