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Erotic Excerpts - Sensual Savourings From The Hottest Erotic Novels


The Deep End

‘And where would that leave me? Listening to you carrying on like that has my dick hard again, and I bet that vibrator has just enough juice left in it.’


Araya’s Addiction Excerpt

"The gold in her eyes sparked as her chest heaved from ragged breaths, her gaze never leaving his cock. He moved closer to her, getting on his knees and positioning his himself inches from her face. She looked up at him uncertainly for a second, then raised her head from the pillow, sticking her tongue out. She touched it to his seeping slit and his cock jumped. He was about to fucking explode."

Uncover Me

Uncover Me

‘I feel it,’ she whispered, her voice rasping from the ache that was throbbing everywhere, but nowhere more than where his cock pressed through the layers between them. Carrie kept her gaze on his mouth as arousal oozed through her.

Belize Nights

Belize Nights

"His strong hands slid down her shoulders and around her back as he pulled her into his body. Her nipples tightened and she wished their clothing would magically disappear leaving nothing between them but heat and skin."

Amourous Woman DGS

Amorous Woman

"At first, I was just showing off for him, rolling my nipples between my fingers, licking my thumbs to stroke them over the sensitive tips. But soon enough, I let one hand creep between my legs beneath the cover of the water, just as if he’d never come to interrupt me. Except, of course, there was a real man sitting across from me, his face suspended in the ghostly vapors hovering over the bath. From his hooded eyes and faint grimace, I knew he was touching himself, too, lost in his own dream."


SexAtional Satsuma:Confessions of a Naughty Sex Therapist

"William was not a boyfriend material. I just wanted to FUCK him tonight. I would be his slutty virgin tonight! Once we were in the bedroom, he didn’t waste any time at all as he pulled me towards him and French kissed me."



"His tongue dipped into me, tasting the hot liquid pooling in my cunt, as his thumb continued to manipulate my clit. The juxtaposition of the two dissimilar yet incredibly satisfying sensations sent me into overload. I grabbed two fistfuls of his golden mane, holding him to me as I came against his mouth, my teeth nearly severing my lower lip in an effort to fight against the howl that wanted to tear from my lips. It wasn’t possible that he should be able to make me come like that."


Secretly More

"He took a deep breath for courage, peeled aside the crotch of her panties and flicked her swollen clit with his tongue. Her whole body jerked at the sudden contact and a choked “oh” left her mouth. The reaction urged him on, and he batted his tongue against her clit, his efforts slowly building in speed. He couldn’t believe he had his head between Kimber’s legs, couldn’t believe he now knew how her cunt tasted, how she sounded when she groaned in pleasure. His cock throbbed to the thought of her climaxing because of him."


Learning To Drown

"My mind scrambled for a moment. Frantic beats of anxiety pulsed in me. Say what? What should I do? But then he pressed my clit, circled, pressed harder and harder until my vision was peppered with little white spots. I started to come and he almost pulled his fingers free to deny me. Magically, mercifully, my brain kicked in. “Yes, Sir,” I whispered. “Yes, Sir. For you.”

TCT Cover Final.jpg

The Crimson Time

"Sandrine opens her mouth to speak. When she does, three fingers thrust inside her cunt. She gasps. He probes deeply, pushing and pushing, feeling the tightness of walls enclose his fingers, the fibrous tissue of wet, inner flesh. Simultaneously, he rubs her clitoral bulb with thumb. His fingers spread out and the resulting sensation is intense. Sandrine extends her arms to hug the wall."