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Guide To A Great Handjob!

"I am determined to stay a virgin until I get married, but I am with a guy I truly love and am worried if I can’t satisfy him sexually (without actual sex) he might get frustrated with me. I know guys like getting handjobs…can you give me some tips?" - Ella, Shelby County


Find Her Hot Buttons!

“Can you give me some advice on how to inject some fun and spontaneity back into our sex life? After fifteen years of marriage, sex is now mechanical and a chore (God forbid!). I am willing to try anything!” - H.Tregenza, Clydesdale


A Bi-Realisation...

"My partner doesn't know I'm bi, what do I do?"
- Anon


A Real Birthday Treat!

"My Wife's birthday is coming up soon...I want to give her a special night all about her. Any suggestions on what I can do?" - Brad, Stoneham MA


Gushing About The Female Orgasm!

“I have heard that some women squirt during orgasm, is that true? Does every woman have the ability to do this? If so, how can I?” - Lila, West Memphis


Jumpstart Your Sex Life!

“Hello Erotic Woman. After 6 years of marriage, our sex life is almost non-existent. When we do do it it is routine and almost obligatory. I want to spice things up and get things exciting again, but I'm looking for some help with what I could do. I'm willing to try virtually anything. Can you please give me a few hints that will give us a jumpstart?” - Kyle M, Milngavie


The Secrets Of Deep Throat!

"Can you explain what the term “Deep Throat” means, and how do I do it?" - Holly V, Newcastle


Masturbating In Front Of Your Partner!

"My boyfriend wants me to masturbate in front of him, but I feel too nervous to do it, even though I want to. What can I do?" - Roxy Day, Willowbank


Aphrodisiacs; Myth Or Reality?

“Is there any truth to the idea that some foods have aphrodisiac qualities? I haven’t been able to find a definite answer, so please tell me what you know”
- Bungy, Wulguru, QLD.


Trying To Get Ahead!

“I have great sex with my girlfriend but for some reason oral sex is out of the question, she won’t go down on me. I have tried talking to her but she also won’t talk about it, so I don’t know what’s going on. Any advice?” - Derek, Palmdale