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One man, one woman...although the combination may be straight forward, the erotic potential is unlimited! From the romantic to the wickedly decadent and everything in between, the characters may be straight, but there is nothing dull about the action!
Night Crawler

The Booty Call

"It’s the phone. It’s past eleven o’clock. You’d be sleeping sweetly right now.
A “Do you want sex tonight?” disguised as a polite offer of company.
You say yes because you yearn to be wanted
Because sex is good for your health.
You can do this."

Riding Into The Sunset

The Surrender

"So here I am stripped naked in our bedroom
Mid-afternoon on a rare Saturday off
Tied up, tied down
You've got that devil look in your eye
The one that makes me nervous
And I'm praying that nobody gets hurt"


Guide To A Great Handjob!

"I am determined to stay a virgin until I get married, but I am with a guy I truly love and am worried if I can’t satisfy him sexually (without actual sex) he might get frustrated with me. I know guys like getting handjobs…can you give me some tips?" - Ella, Shelby County

Sigma & David - Homecoming!

Clean Wound, Clean Healing

"Have you touched yourself like this and imagined it was me?" he asked, removing her bra to twist her nipples into peaks. As she moaned lightly in response, he pulled her closer to him. "Imagined me putting my mouth on you, like this?" He followed his question with the motion, pressing a kiss to one breast, then the other, before beginning to suck at them, tongue flicking over the pink buds."


Morning Exercise

"She wanted to savor this, enjoy it, but her body had other ideas. Her vulva massaged around his cock, her hips rolled, her thighs tight on either side of his lap."


I Love Therefore I Am

"He lifts the knife again, still kissing her, and then moves to look at her for a moment. With a single slice he has her bustier cut off of her, and her knickers follow almost immediately. Despite the gooseflesh that appears as a result, she smiles."


Canada Day

“My god,” he gasps in my ear as he thrusts in and out, “your pussy…it’s amazing...” In response, I tighten my inner muscles and make him gasp harder."

Mistress Of The Flames


“Although I was far from being a virgin, and was definitely wet with anticipation, there was a little bit of pain when he entered me. He had a nice big cock, but then again, I wouldn’t expect anything less from the Goddess’s consort."


A Far Away Love

"I'll share with you.
I love to fuck,
you give it slow?
I'll take it rough,
baby, I can never get enough."


Wet Cunt Mama

"Wet cunt mama digs it deep.
She takes beautiful men
opens the rose and poses."

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