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The Vacation


“I can’t believe you got us into this.”

“I’m sorry. You know I’d never do something like this on purpose.” His eyes were pleading with her. She saw fear in them, a fear that approached terror. They sat on beach lounges, side by side. Jennifer put her head in her hands. She couldn’t look at him anymore.

“I don’t do this sort of shit! Damn it, Kevin, how could you not know?”

“You saw the web site too!” he shot back. “There was no reason to believe . . . It looked classy. Oh, fuck, I don’t know either.” He sighed. She felt a pull to believe him.

“Listen,” he said softly, “It’s beautiful here. It’s warm. We don’t have to do anything or see anything we don’t want to. Let’s just enjoy ourselves.”

“How can I do that?” Her voice held challenge, menace. She felt unable to let go of the anger.

Kevin stayed quiet for a moment. “We’ll stay away from the freaky stuff. We’ll lock ourselves in our room after dark and fuck all night. Whatever you want. I swear. Just, please. . .” He left off at that, having run out of things to say or promises to make.

Jennifer looked over at him and tried to get hold of the turmoil inside her. She knew she should be disgusted at him. She was disgusted at him. But . . .

“I just need one thing from you,” she said.


Her voice dropped to a near whisper. “Don’t let us do anything.”

His head turned toward her, eyes narrowed with curiosity and surprise. “You’re tempted.”

“I am not!” Fuck. How did he know these things about her? Eleven years of relationship must have taught him a thing or two but she was simultaneously awed and annoyed when he read her like and open book.

“All right,” he said with just the slightest smirk. “Nothing, not a thing.” He lay his head back again and languidly closed his eyes. “Not even if you beg me.” The smirk grew a little and rested there. She was amazed at how she could both love him to death and want to kill him all in the same moment.

“Oh, fuck off!” she said and began to laugh.

“You know, I was only looking for some where nice we could go and hang out naked if we wanted.” The smirk was gone. In the days leading up to this trip he had tried more than once to tell her, but his courage must have failed. She knew she could be a bit intimidating, even to him.

She felt her anger softening and she looked at him again. He reached for her hand and held it, silently asking for forgiveness and tolerance. It was so rare that he needed that from her.

“I know. I believe you.” She looked down at their entwined hands and flashed briefly to the feel of their entwined bodies. She loved him so.

“I don’t want to swap you for another woman.”


“But if you want to try one out, that’s cool.”

“Damn it, Kevin. This is what I mean. Leave it alone.”

“I’m just leaving things up to you, letting you know where I stand.”

“It’s too freaky. I couldn’t. I’m not one of these people.”

Swingers. Even thinking the word gave her the creeps. It conjured visions of men with hairy chests in polyester shirts and gold chains recreating their favourite porn scenes with mindless Barbie dolls.


Yet, by a ridiculous combination of co-incidence and naïveté, they were at a resort that just happened to cater to that community. Too bad the web site update only appeared after they booked and paid for the tickets. She wondered how many other unsuspecting couples found the original advertising too subtle to understand.

“Okay,” he said, knowing when to shut up, “Let’s get lunch.”

The storm moved in an hour later.

Rain misted endlessly on the landscape and dark grey clouds grew up out of the horizon.

“A hurricane? You have to be shitting me!” She stood with her mouth agape as the host, Miguel, broke the news.

“Senorita,” he purred, “we are completely prepared for any eventuality. You will be evacuated if necessary. But in the mean time, go enjoy yourselves. I think everyone is up in the hot tub. Better than freezing your ass off in the rain, no?”

She stared at Kevin. He stared at her. Disbelief. They were stranded for four nights at a swingers resort with a hurricane bearing down. What were the freaking odds of that?

It was too stupid to contemplate but it was their reality. She took his hand. “Come on babe,” with a spark in her eye she said, “let’s go get drunk in the hot tub.”

He looked at her suspiciously, trying to decide if she was serious. Apparently, the hot tub was the “hot bed” of the activity. Couples went up there to meet, chat and negotiate incomprehensible arrangements. At least, they were incomprehensible to Jennifer. She winked at him.

“What the hell, let’s do it.” He squeezed her hand and they started to walk together.

“Are you going to get totally naked?”

“Are you?”

“Sure,” he said non-chalantly. Gauntlet down.

They went up-stairs. She did not let go of his hand until he pried it open so he could take off his shoes. The rain coated her skin, slick and cool. Only the satellite print-out in the lobby and the darkening mass, many kilometers out, reminded them that this rain was a possible precursor to something more sinister.

She looked around. The rooftop deck was empty. Everyone was in the hot tub. It was huge and about three and a half feet deep. There were naked bodies of nearly every size. They were young and old, hot and not. They looked like they were having fun. She was starting to shiver with the cold.

“Get me a drink while I decide whether I’m taking off my bottoms.” Kevin moved quickly to oblige her.

When he returned, Jennifer was entirely disrobed.

“Holy shit, you’re naked!” he exclaimed with surprise, a hint of glee and, perhaps, dread.

“Your turn.” She reached out her hands to hold the drinks.

He took a deep breath in, pondering the possibilities. “Okay.”

He looked excited and uncomfortable at the same time. Serves you right, thought Jennifer. She wanted to take her revenge on him without ruining the trip. This seemed as good a way as any.

They entered the water drinks in one hand, other hands gripping tightly together. Jennifer ducked in to her neck quickly and tried to act cool. Kevin followed her lead. The water was warm. It contrasted with the rain, sending a sensuous shiver through her body.

They sat quietly together and Jennifer listened to the others’ casual chat. Most of it was benign. Where are you from? What do you do? Do you have kids?

Occasionally, she heard something slightly juicier. It started with, “Last time, at Hedo . . .” She knew they were referencing another, decidedly racier resort. Those folks were the real thing, or so she imagined.

She finished her drink and sent Kevin for another. It was so delightful to make him wander around naked, doing her bidding. He was awfully contrite now. She knew that it wasn’t easy for him to let it all hang, so to speak, in front of others. To his credit, he obeyed without complaint.

She sat on the bench alone, waiting for him, scanning the crowd and continuing to eaves drop. Her scan halted when a woman just a few feet away snagged her gaze. The woman smiled at Jennifer. Her complexion was dark olive. She had high cheek bones and thick wavy hair piled casually on top of her head. Her eyes smiled at the same time as her mouth. There was something about her. Jennifer took a chance.


“Hey there.” Her voice had a lovely southern lilt. “How you doin’?”

“Okay, I guess, considering a Hurricane is about to screw up my vacation.” Jennifer smiled wryly.

“Oh, you know what?” she said, the sing song of her voice sliding around in Jennifer’s ears, “We’ve had so many situations like this in Louisiana and most of the time, they just pass right on by. Don’t worry, I bet this one will too.”

“That’s where you’re from?”

“Oh, more or less. I lived in California for a while and we moved out there about 3 years ago. How ‘bout you?”

“I’m from Canada.” In her experience, Jennifer knew it was almost pointless for a Canadian to mention her city of origin to an American without making it clear that she was from another country first. “Toronto.” She specified her location further and then immediately regretted it. Personal information wasn’t something she really wanted to exchange here.

“I’ve been to Vancouver, but never Toronto.” Jennifer had lived in Vancouver for a number of years and she began to chat with the woman about the city and its charms. As much as she wanted to remain vague, something about the woman’s unthreatening, genuine gaze pushed away Jennifer’s caution.

Jennifer realized, awkwardly, that they had not exchanged names.

“I’m Jennifer, by the way.”

“My name is Lauren, nice to meet you.” She held out her hand and Jennifer took it. How odd to shake the hand of a naked beautiful woman in a hot tub during a hurricane.

Kevin returned and eyed his wife sideways. Jennifer ignored his look and made introductions.

They chatted for the rest of the afternoon. Curious about Canadianness, Lauren asked Jennifer endless questions about her life, her politics their differences and similarities.

Eventually, Lauren’s husband, Jacob wandered over. He was a big man with a shaved head and a goatee. He talked about football and the Republican Party. At first, he made Jennifer uncomfortable. She didn’t much like football or Republicans. When he started talking about the Middle East, her skin prickled.

“Could you explain something for me?” Jacob asked her.

“Like what?”

“Why won’t Canada support us in Iraq?”

For a few seconds, she didn’t know what to say. At heart, she was a competitive woman and this guy seemed to be challenging her to something. She engaged.

After an hour of sparing he said, “You know, I like a girl that can hold her own.” He winked at her playfully as she attempted to wipe the floor with him, intellectually speaking.

“It’s nice to meet a redneck with a brain.” She shot back. He laughed. She liked to make him laugh.

Lauren added, “Girl, I don’t even bother arguing with him anymore. He exhausts me. But I sure am enjoyin’ you givin’ as good as you get.”

Throughout their conversation, she gained a new respect for his complexity. He was a very intelligent man who didn’t take cheap shots or the easy way out. Occasionally, the surreal nature of the discussion occurred to her. She was naked and a naked burly republican was taking her seriously in a political argument.

Kevin spent a lot of the afternoon listening and holding her hand under the warm water. She felt his body close by and felt safe. It was fun.

Within three hours, Lauren and Jacob knew more about Jennifer and Kevin than most of their casual friends back home would ever know. Jennifer supposed that was the magic of having a conversation while naked. Naked and a little drunk. Okay, naked, a little drunk and staring a hurricane in the face. Unusual times bred unusual behaviour.

The wind was really starting to whip up

Jennifer looked over at Kevin, “Do you think we’ll be evacuated?”

He shrugged, “Who knows? Let’s just pretend it’s not happening and get dressed for dinner.” He held her close and his hand slipped around one cheek of her ass. “I don’t think you should wear panties tonight.” It slid down and between her legs. She stared at him. No one could really see what he was doing. She felt one curious finger slide inside her. The rush was intense and immediate. She closed her eyes to sink into it but quickly caught herself. They were in public for godssake.

“What?” He smiled his hungry smile. She smiled back and then, surprising herself, leaned into him to kiss him. The kiss was subtle but if anyone was looking, they could not mistake the passion behind it. Jennifer realized a great many people may, in fact, be looking. It turned her on.

Back in the room Kevin watched her dress. “Jacob likes you,” he said mater of factly.

“What? How do you know that?” She blushed. She could feel the heat of it everywhere. Simultaneously embarrassed and intensely curious, she realized that she did, in fact, want to know how he knew.

“I saw how he looked at you. And besides,” he grabbed her ass, “what’s not to like?”

“Kevin!” She smacked at him. Then she grabbed his arm and pulled him over to kiss him deeply. She could hardly admit it in her own head, but the idea of being wanted by another man was having an impact on her.

After the kiss she looked at Kevin’s face. “You like that he wants me don’t you.”

He just smiled again. Whenever he looked at her like that, she felt weak. He always gave the impression he knew something about her that she didn’t yet know but was about to find out.

“Remember what you promised me,” she said seriously.

“I remember. Don’t worry. Nothing, not a thing.” He winked and walked away to get dressed.


They dined alone that night. They watched the other couples around them socialize and, presumably, negotiate things Jennifer could hardly even imagine. Lauren and Jacob were at another couple’s table. As she watched them surreptitiously, she could not deny that she was slightly jealous. She looked away and dismissed it as a perfectly understandable fantasy upon which she had no intention of acting. People can fantasize about all sorts of things. It was healthy.

“Whatcha thinking?” Kevin’s voice interrupted her thoughts. That goddamn smile again.

“There are some things a girl has to keep to her self for a while.” She would not dare admit what she was thinking. He probably knew already anyway.

“No problem.” But the smile did not leave his handsome face.


Later that night, back in their room, they listened to the storm raging. They lay in the bed together like spoons.

“I did like watching him look at you.” Kevin whispered in her ear as his hands began to stroke her stomach and hips.

“I was more inclined to her, truth be told,” she said, with a hint of mischief.

“Really?” His hand cupped her breast, her nipple between his thumb and finger. The other slid slowly between her legs looking for wetness.

“Hmmmmm.” She had nothing more to say on the topic. He was hard against her back as he continued to explore with his fingers.

“Ahhhh, you are so wet. I need to taste you.” He turned on his back and pulled at her hips, urging her to settle on top of him. She knew he loved to have her above him with his face buried in her pussy. He loved the sight and the sensation of her wet lips grinding against his mouth and her thighs around his cheeks.

She loved how he knew exactly what she needed. His tongue licked and probed inside her. She shifted down trying to get him to pay attention to her clit and he grabbed her hips to push her back up. He grabbed her outer lips between his and sucked hard then he licked and sucked her inner lips. They were deliciously ticklish and sensitive. She ground down on him, giving him what she knew he craved from her.

His mouth finally closed around her clit. She closed her eyes and sank into what he offered. She could never tell exactly what he did to her with that mouth of his. Was he just sucking or using his tongue too? She often asked but he wouldn’t tell. “I have to keep some of my secrets,” he’d say.

Whatever he was doing was starting to melt her from the inside out. She could feel his arm next to her thigh as he stroked himself. The other hand was gliding up her body to her breast. He grasped it and squeezed. She squirmed with the anticipation of what he would do next. He was just teasing her now. He knew what she really wanted, no . . . needed, a little extra rush to push her over the edge.

His finger started to trace around her nipple and she held her breath, waiting. She had to remember to let it go. She calmed her mind and tried to empty herself of thought. She never came while thinking. The frontal lobe of her brain was antagonistic to her body. It needed shutting up. Kevin pinched her nipple between his fingers, gently at first and then more firmly. The frontal lobe was confused and feeling a little overwhelmed. She smiled behind her closed eyes.

“More.” She whispered. She felt the sting but also the rush, pleasure unleashed. That’ll fix you. A last taunt to the lobe and all was quiet in her head. Only her body was left enveloped in waves of ecstasy. The door rattled and the wind raged but locked together, they noticed nothing.


The morning brought sun and broken palm boughs. The storm had made landfall well north of them.

“How’d you sleep?”

It was a casual question. Jennifer didn’t answer right away.

“What?” Kevin looked at her curiously.

“Not bad I guess.” She felt displaced. “Considering I dreamed about Lauren all night.”

“Really. . .” That was all he said.

Smart men know when to shut up.

The day was warm with a stiff breeze. They found a spot by the pool and Jennifer removed her top. The feeling of the sun on her naked breasts was incredible. She reached for the SPF 30. There was no reason to fry herself.

As she was covering herself in sunscreen, Jacob and Lauren walked up to the chairs next to them. She looked up to smile a hello and encountered Jacob’s openly appreciative eyes. Suddenly, Jennifer felt extremely self-conscious.

She knew she had a choice. She could retract in on herself in embarrassment or just go with it. He wasn’t leering really, just . . . appreciating. So, who was really in control here anyway? Jennifer took a large mental breath and decided the control belonged to her. She proceeded to make sure her breasts were well covered and glistening.

Jacob sat on his lounge and spoke up. “I’d offer to help but I’m havin’ much more fun watching.”

She met his gaze. “I’ll let you know if you’re needed.”

“Don’t mind him,” Lauren laughed, “He’s a dog.”

“Yeah, but I’m your dog, right baby?” They kissed each other affectionately.

Jennifer was glad they sat next to her. She was terrified they sat next to her. It was too early to start drinking.

The easy conversation between the four of them continued all morning. At 11:00 am, she figured it was late enough to order a margarita.

Lauren went to the bar with her. Jennifer couldn’t help but notice her skin. It was so smooth. Her breasts were full and lovely. She especially liked her eyes. They were blue, green and gold with elegant crow’s feet in the corners. Lauren kept her hair up but Jennifer saw how thick and lush it was when she let it down to adjust it earlier in the morning.

“Say, y’all want to come with us tonight? We’re going on a dinner cruise in town.” Her request surprised Jennifer . . . and thrilled her . . . and confused her . . . and . . .

“Yes.” She knew she was one step further on a path she never consciously considered until yesterday. Her fontal lobe was abnormally quiet.

“Great.” Lauren’s smile was so warm. It invited Jennifer’s senses to bask in it. The idea of basking in a smile made her mind wander to other things she might bask in with this woman. A faint echo of panic bounced around in the nearly comatose frontal lobe. Shut up, she hissed to herself, The world is a far bigger place than we have previously considered.

“What do you think of this place?” Lauren asked.

“It’s very nice.” Jennifer wasn’t sure what she was getting at so she stayed neutral. “We’re having a lot of fun. It’s cool that people are friendly but not . . pushy.”

“I find that hanging around without clothes tends to strip away a lot of pretense.” She looked at Jennifer thoughtfully. “You, though . . . I couldn’t imagine you ever having pretense.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m just saying, I don’t take to people easily, but I feel like I take to you.”

I feel the same way. She couldn’t say it. She didn’t know what she meant by it. She knew it was true.

They took their drinks back to the lounges.


They met at the dock in town, later that evening. When Jennifer looked at Lauren, her heart rate doubled. Her hair was down and she was wearing a red halter top dress that hugged her lovely curved shape. Her skin glowed and her eyes smiled, as they had every moment since they’d met.

Jennifer looked down at herself, pale and slim. She felt otherworldly. She had no idea what she was doing and she didn’t really care. She took a step toward Lauren to greet her and embraced her. “Thank you for inviting us out with you.” Jennifer spoke softly in Lauren’s ear.

“You’re welcome.” Lauren’s breath felt hot on her neck. Her lips grazed Jennifer’s cheek. Jennifer had to pull away before her legs gave way from beneath her. “Y’all know we’ve had such a good time with you since we met. We’re more than happy to have you here.”

Kevin put his hand around Jennifer’s waist and they walked up the gang plank of the antique wooden sailboat that was to take them around the bay.

The night was warm and perfect. There was a jazz trio on board. The couples began to dance.

Jennifer looked over at a very young couple. They could have been newlyweds, or maybe just a boy friend and girl friend on their first special vacation. They were awkward and sweet. They held the passion between them completely in check, as if they didn’t know what to do with it and were afraid to let anyone see. It struck Jennifer profoundly to watch them. Had it ever been like that between her and Kevin? She was suddenly very grateful for her years and aware of the rewards of experience. She was also keenly aware of some as yet unformed potential that the evening might hold.

After dinner, the music started again. Jacob asked her to dance. She left Lauren and Kevin chatting on the lacquered wooden bench and stepped into Jacob’s arms. She wasn’t much of a ballroom dancer but Jacob new how to lead. His strong hands subtlety shifted her body this way, then that way. She felt as if she were floating with him. It suddenly occurred to her that this man probably wanted to fuck her, if he had the permission. A jolt of lust mixed with fear washed over her.

“Are y’all having fun?” Jacob asked her in his casual manner.

She was still experiencing aftershocks from her recent thought. She smiled at him. “I think I am.”

He laughed. “You think you are? Is there anything I can do to make you more sure of that?” He was flirting.

She blushed and turned away, still smiling. “I didn’t mean it like that. I’m having a great time. I just . . .” She trailed off.

“Hey, I ‘ain’t gonna bite ya. Not unless you want me to, that is.” He grinned his good ‘ole boy grin and she couldn’t help but laugh.

“I’ll let you know if you are needed.” She let him guide her around the deck and enjoyed his breath on her neck and the scent of his cologne.

When the song was over they returned to Kevin and Lauren. The moon rose over the bay, yellow and full. It was breathtaking.

“So what are you guys doing later?” Lauren asked. Jennifer had no idea what she was really asking.

“Not sure, what about you?” Again, she decided to play safe and dumb.

“Well, we were thinking we’d head on up to the hot tub. Are you guys going up?”

Jennifer looked at Kevin. He smiled at her and then replied, “Sure, we’ll be up there.”

“It’ll be nice not to worry about hurricanes. Maybe we’ll be able to have a little more fun.” Lauren looked directly at Jennifer when she spoke. Then she raised her eyebrows in mock shock before laughing.

Jennifer blushed with heat and looked away. She felt Lauren’s eyes on her and looked back. Lauren motioned to her. “Come on over here Jen. I wanna talk to you about something.”

They walked to the other side of the boat and found a quiet place on a bench near the front.

“Honey, are you all right?” Lauren took her hand and held it softly. Jennifer shuddered at her touch.

“I’m fine. I’m a bit freaked out. I feel stupid.” She brought her gaze to meet Lauren’s.

She wanted to tell her everything, but where could she begin? Should she tell Lauren that she always knew somewhere she was attracted to women? It had been a staple in her fantasy life ever since she could remember fantasizing. Kevin knew about it and even played with it for her benefit during their pillow talk. She told herself it was normal for straight women to fantasize this way. It was an impossible dream anyway. She married Kevin and had no desire to cheat on him. He was a wonderful lover. But now she was in this strange place where fantasy and opportunity conspired together. She could not deny how profoundly attracted she was to this woman who sat next to her, searching her face with her exquisite eyes.

“You know, we’ve talked about pretty much everything under the sun and moon.”

Lauren spoke quietly to her. “You are one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met. I think we have a connection. Don’t you?”

Jennifer nodded. “Yes.” She wanted tell her, You have the most beautiful eyes.

“We didn’t really come down here looking for anything. We just like to hang out, get charged up and screw each other silly in our room.”

“I didn’t even know what went on down here until we arrived.”

Lauren burst out laughing. “Holy shit, that is funny. I guess you got a bit more than you bargained for huh?”

“You could say that.” Jennifer impulsively reached up to brush a strand of hair from Lauren’s face. She saw her eyes light up.

“What are you thinking?” Lauren’s question buzzed through her head. She wanted to answer her truthfully

I’m dying to touch your naked body.

“I don’t even know where to begin.”

“You know Jacob’s a dog, right?” Lauren leaned in to her conspiratorially.

Jennifer chuckled, “He’s not to shy is he?”

“Nope, he’s just all out there, you know what I mean?” Jennifer leaned into Lauren as she spoke as if to catch the secret she was about to reveal. In reality, she was lost in the feeling of Lauren’s warm body, pressed close to her.

“So he’s bothering me all the time, ‘Hey, Lauren, is there anyone you wanna fuck? I wanna watch you fuck someone.’ ” She giggled, “Bastard that he is. Anyway, I’m not fucking any men. That is just a rule for me. I let him do what he wants but I just don’t feel like I want to, you know what I mean?”

She didn’t really know what Lauren meant because she could hardly contemplate any of it but she nodded.

“Well, I said to him, ‘The only person in this whole place that I feel that kind of connection with is Jennifer.’”

Jennifer’s mouth was dry and her pulse was racing. She took in a breath but she couldn’t look at Lauren.

“Now girl, I don’t even know if I like women, generally speaking. I’m a bit messed in the head when it comes to this stuff.”

Me too.

“I just wanted you to know that. Don’t even know why the fuck I had to tell you, but I did. Things get funny under a full moon, huh.” Lauren leaned back, breaking their physical connection. Jennifer finally got the courage to look up at her. She was breathtakingly beautiful.

“I . . .” Jennifer paused for a long time, lost in Lauren’s gaze. “I think you are beautiful.”

Lauren blushed now and turned away. “Well thank you, girl. Coming from you, that’s something special.”

Emboldened, Jennifer said, “Do you think . . .” Her courage failed. “Oh, fuck it. I don’t even know what I’m saying.”

“Honey, I’m thinkin’ lots of things. Why don’t we just stop worryin’ and get ourselves back up to that hot tub?”

“I’d like that.”


Back in their room, Jennifer and Kevin sat on the bed together, holding hands.

“I don’t know what to do with this.” Jennifer was agitated. She felt like there was some sort of expectation on her now and she didn’t know if she could live up to it.

“You don’t have to do anything with it.” Kevin tried to reassure her. “She likes you, so what? It’s up to you to decide.”

“Is it? I mean, what the hell are you talking about? Don’t you have an opinion? Christ, I’m thinking about cheating on you!”

Kevin fell silent for a minute. Then he said, “I don’t see it that way.”

“Well how the hell do you see it?” She sounded angry but she felt confused.

“I love you. I know you. It’s no secret to me that you are curious about women. You like her. She seems to like you. We are somewhere that it is possible. I think you should take advantage of it.”

“You are unbelievable! Aren’t you worried, or jealous, or something?”

“I’m not. It sounds bizarre but I’m not.” Kevin held her face in his hands. “I want you to be who you are. I know you love me. I know you love our kids. If there’s no betrayal, all that’s left is beauty.”

His words struck her dumb. All that’s left is beauty. Lauren’s beauty, and hers, she’d never felt so desirable in all her life. She knew it was mostly due to hormonal overload but when you are a woman in this world, you take it where you can get it.

“I do want her,” she said quietly. Kevin kissed her tenderly, passionately. It was the kind of kiss a girl doesn’t walk away from lightly. Except she wasn’t walking away from it, she knew he’d be there when she came back.

“Let’s go.”


Upstairs, the hot tub was packed. It seemed like the entire resort was up there. Jennifer scoured the crowd for Lauren and Jacob but couldn’t see them any where.

She nearly jumped out of her skin when she felt a soft, warm hand wrap around her waist. “Hiya Jen. How you doin’?”

It was Lauren, naked and glorious. Jennifer smiled at her, took a deep mental breath and dove in.

She took her hand. “Let’s go.”

Lauren arched her eyebrows. “Where’re we going?”

“Over there.” Jennifer motioned to the canopied futon beds in the far corner of the rooftop deck. Only lanterns lighted with candles illuminated that portion of space.

“You sure?” Jennifer nodded. “Lemme go tell Jacob.” She winked and was gone.

Jennifer turned to Kevin, “Are you going to be all right alone in the pool with all these naked people?”

Kevin’s eyes were alight. “Just promise me that you will tell me everything.”

“I promise.”

“I’m back.” It was Lauren. She looked giddy. “We’re good to go, girl. Come on.” She took her hand and they walked over to the shimmering curtains.

They nearly surprised a couple in the first one. The effect of the dim light and the white netting was to render what went on inside nearly invisible although not inaudible.

The next bed was free and they slipped inside.

They sat down close to each other. Jennifer gave in to the overwhelming need she’d been harbouring since they’d walked together to the bar to get their margaritas at 11 am. She reached out her hand and ran her fingers it from the top of Lauren’s neck all the way down her spine. When they reached the base, she slipped them around Lauren’s waist and pulled her closer.

“You said on the boat you were messed in the head about all this. Do you still feel that way?”

“You know, I’m the kind of person who is always a bit messed in the head when it comes to these things. I’m even messed in the head with Jacob but, that’s life, you know what I mean?” She ran her hand down Jennifer’s arm to her wrist and then absently circled the back of her hand with her fingers. “But right now, I’m with this beautiful person who I feel has a very important place in my life. It’s like destiny. I believe in that, don’t you?”

Jennifer wasn’t at all sure that she believed in destiny. She did, however, believe in the ache that this woman induced in her gut. “I think we have a moment in time that I don’t want to pass up.” She reached to kiss Lauren on the lips. The kiss was soft, erethral, eternal. She pulled back and looked at Lauren.

“Yeah, I guess that’s another way of putting things.” Her eyes were glassy in the candle light. Lauren came forward to kiss Jennifer this time. Her tongue slid into Jennifer’s mouth slowly and delicately. This was not about urgency or explosiveness. It was about something more subtle, a quiet awakening.

Jennifer moaned with pleasure, with longing, with joy. She stepped into this unknown place, determined to make it hers. Her hands floated along Lauren’s body. Her skin was hot and silky. The feel of it stole her breath.

“What?” Lauren looked at her with concern when she heard the noise she made.

Jennifer opened her eyes and peered through the haze of desire around her. “It’s your skin. I can’t believe . . . It feels liquid to me. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever touched.”

Lauren responded by kissing her throat and her shoulders. Their hands continued to explore each other and Jennifer was lost in a miracle of discovery.

Lauren grasped Jennifer’s shoulders and pushed her down onto the futon. When Jennifer looked up at her, she saw Lauren’s thick, wild hair framed by the white netting of the boundaries of their world. She looked like an angel. She kissed like one too. Her kisses trailed down Jennifer’s neck, to her full breasts. She lingered there, kissing every inch of soft skin she could find. Her lips were a warm caress and the warmth traveled quickly to Jennifer’s soft and wet places.

She was writhing and moaning under Lauren’s hands and mouth but when her lips and tongue closed around Jennifer’s nipple, she fell silent. Lauren sucked and licked with gentle reverence. In all the years that Kevin had expertly pleasured her body, she’d never felt it quite like this.

“Lauren. . .” She uttered her name as a moan, a pleading moan of submission. Lauren responded by gliding her hand between Jennifer’s legs. Jennifer arched her back. She felt warm fingers parting her wet lips, exploring quietly and deliberately.

“It’s so nice to feel you wet and warm. Do I make you feel good Jen?” It was a completely absurd question considering that Lauren’s fingers were drenched in hot desire but Jennifer answered with whatever words were available to her.

“Yes, you . . . oh God . . . it’s so good.” She reached for her head and pulled it into her to kiss her mouth. This kiss was desperate and full of need. Lauren started to circle Jennifer’s swollen clit. It was already hard and protruding. Every stroke felt like it burned but it wasn’t painful, just overwhelming. Lauren’s finger kept up a steady pace and pressure. She didn’t move it too quickly. She lingered on her clit, sliding her finger across it over and over. Jennifer was paralyzed with pleasure.

“Ah, Lauren, don’t stop . . . please suck on my nipple.” Jennifer sank fully into herself as she urged Lauren to take her nipple in her mouth. She could feel her climax looming and she coached Lauren on how to make it happen. “Harder, you can do it harder . . . oh yes, perfect.”

Jennifer steadied her breath and bore down with her body. She felt the fire leaping from her clit, spreading outwards, sweeter and sweeter. “Just like that, oh Lauren, there it is . . .”

Lauren’s touch stayed steady as the climax washed over Jennifer. She let go of her nipple and held her close. “That’s it, yes,” Lauren whispered, staying with her as she coaxed wave after wave of sweetness from her body. Jennifer was moaning softly and pressing herself into Lauren, her face buried in thick brown hair. She could smell the scent of shampoo and perfume. Everything about the sensation was richly feminine. A woman was making love to her. She gave herself over completely.

After she came down a little, she lay back on the futon and looked at her lover. Lauren continued to stroke her clit quietly, eliciting little jolts of pleasure. If it were Kevin, Jennifer would have stopped him, but she let Lauren tease her. She didn’t care, as long as there was contact. They didn’t speak. In their silence, a need occurred to Jennifer.

“Lauren, I want to taste you.”

“You sure, honey? I don’t need you to do that if you aren’t ready.”

“I am ready. I want it. Please, I want to lick you ‘till you cum.” The frontal lobe piped in briefly. It said something about the taste of pussy and then got annihilated by more primal regions of her brain. She kneeled before Lauren. She gazed at her face with her hair spread out wildly around her. Her body was full and lush. She felt honoured, almost worshipful that Lauren allowed her these liberties. She was determined to please her.

She pushed Lauren’s knees up and saw the darkened skin of her swollen pussy in the candle light. She ran one finger from her pubic bone, down the centre line, between her lips until she felt the hot silky wetness that waited for her. Jennifer moaned at her discovery, this evidence of want. She bent down to taste it.

So what does pussy taste like? It isn’t honey, or sugar or chocolate. It isn’t simple. How could it be? Women are not simple beings. Jennifer found that pussy tasted like nothing she could describe. It was earth and life and desire. It sang on her tongue. When she felt the reaction of Lauren’s body to her suckling, she knew she was hooked, addicted to pussy, now and forever.

It would have been nice if Kevin had spilled a secret or two for her but she managed to improvise well enough. Lauren moaned and writhed under her tongue. Without thinking, Jennifer pushed two fingers inside Lauren’s velvet opening and started to fuck her gently.

“Oh, honey, yes . . . do it like that, do it harder.” She increased the intensity of her fingers and pressed hard against Lauren’s pubic bone from the inside. She felt the wetness seeping out of Lauren and she pushed another finger inside. Lauren’s response was a low animalistic moan and she thrust her hips hard against Jennifer’s hand and mouth.

Jennifer’s tongue firmly circled Lauren’s clit while she drove hard with her fingers. Lauren’s moans got louder and louder.

Jennifer suddenly flashed to the possibility that people could hear them and, if they looked hard, see them.

“Yes baby, do it . . . oh that’s so good, don’t stop.” Lauren’s pleading drew her back to the moment. She did not care about voyeurs. She did not care about peeps or perverts. All she cared about was bringing Lauren to climax. She drew her clit into her mouth with firm suction and flicked hard with her tongue. Lauren nearly screamed, “Oh, fuck! Yes!”

Jennifer felt her fingers enveloped in powerful contractions as Lauren thrashed about beneath her. She lightened the pressure of her tongue but did not let go until Lauren stopped and lay quietly, breathing hard.

Jennifer lay her head on Lauren’s belly and felt Lauren’s hand rest on her head, stroking her hair absently.

“Girl, you sure know your way around a pussy.” They both started to laugh and Jennifer wiggled her way up to look at Lauren.

“That was the most unbelievable thing I have ever experienced.” Jennifer said this as much to herself as she did to Lauren.

“There’s a fire in you girl, but I think it’s a good thing.”

Jennifer was confused. “What do you mean?”

“Listen. I want to be here with you. It’s my choice. But that’s ‘cause it’s you, not ‘cause you’re a woman.” Jennifer’s heart leaped in panic.

“I don’t understand what you mean.”

“What you did to me . . . that was out of passion, lust, desire, all of it. You like women. It’s obvious. Did you know that?”

“I . . .” She tried to understand Lauren’s meaning. Didn’t she want to be with her? “Are you saying we’re different?”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. I can see I’m upsetting you and I don’t want that, because I wanted to be with you. There’s no bigger turn on than being desired, especially be someone you’ve come to admire.” She touched Jennifer’s face as she said this. Jennifer was suddenly aware of tears on her cheeks.

“But this was so amazing. You don’t think it was?” How did life bring her from bliss to heartbreak so quickly?

“I do think so. This is my point. I desired you, I enjoyed you and you, rocked my world, girl.” Lauren lay back on the futon. “But I know this isn’t my ‘team’ as they say. You girl, are at least a ‘switch hitter’.” She pulled Jennifer’s face to her and kissed her gently. They lay quietly for a while in the warm air of the night.

“Don’t forget me.” Jennifer said, at last.


They got up and reentered the world.


In the early hours of the morning, after Jennifer begged Kevin to fuck her as hard as he dared, they lay on their bed drenched and spent.



“I think I’m bisexual.”

“No shit.”

“Fuck you.”

“I love you.”

“Me too.”



“Are you going to leave me for a woman?”



“But baby . . .”

“Uh huh?”

“We’re gonna need a little flexibility from now on.”

“No problem. And you know what?”


“We’ve got two more nights to see just how flexible we can get.”

That little bugger knows everything, Jennifer though to herself, euphoric, content and just a little bit wicked. She closed her eyes, eager to discover what gifts this night’s dreams would bring.

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