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Blindfolded and handcuffed I await.
Tonight, I am nothing more than your sex toy,
tonight I am nothing more than your slave.

Shadows of my imagination dance,
the anticipation of where you are,
the excitement of what you are planning,
the thrill of being used - dominated - fucked...
as the smell of your skin draws closer
and the sound of rubber circles my ears,
shallow whispers dirty doings into my soul
and I give in to these taboo pleasures.

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My head is jerked back by a powerful kiss,
this serpents tongue exploring it's prey
as cold leather teases my throbbing cock
and a strong whip brushes over my pounding chest.
Quickly, my thighs are forced apart,
a shuffling sound and she is on her knees,
crawling, slithering, mouth open she gourges
she swallows - my body now belongs to her.

Dangling me over the edge of a pure release,
I am led to the bed and stretched out,
her spit still dripping from my pleading cock,
now the sacrificial lamb to her fantasy slaughter.
I hear her stripping away her second skin,
feel the bed as she snakes her pussy upwards
until I can feel it hovering over my dry lips...and then,
and then I am fed her salty sweetness inside out.

She demands and rocks like a woman possesed,
spreading herself more and more with every lick,
her panting rumbling like deep dark thunder,
waves of orgasms striking like a shock of lightning,
glistening come now trickling down my smothered face
and a scream of satisfied release clamps me still and fast,
she wants more, she wants cock, she wants her slave
and rubbing her entire being down my body, she gets her slave.

Blue Matrix: Clip 4

Taking me balls deep, she loses complete control,
perched and writhing, grinding and bouncing, fucking and coming,
I now want out of these cuffs and free of this blindfold
to be more than just her sex toy, more than just her slave,
I struggle for freedom, get whipped for my insolence - sorry master!
My punishment, I am told, will be severe and strong,
my punishent, I am promised, will be hard and wet,
my punishment, I am to discover, will be seen and most definately, felt.

And so with one final thrust, she slides off my sodden cock,
taking it in her mouth, she sucks it clean - bone dry,
then leaves my quivering body to stew on what's to come.
I hear unseen packaging being ripped open and discarded,
feel the sudden coldness of plastic across my pierced naval
and am ordered to bend over and angle my ass high in the air
blinfold untied and hands uncuffed, I turn and face her
and a shiver of excitement confirms tonight is far from over...

(...to be continued)

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