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A Pleasant Surprise


My latest boyfriend and I had been broken up for nearly three months and I was about to crawl out of my skin with the chaos my life was in. After the breakup of my 4-year relationship, I decided I needed to follow through with my plan to start a new life even though he couldn’t stomach it.

Dragging myself, my belongings, and my trusty dog Mitts across several state lines, I had finally found an apartment that didn’t completely break the bank or give me claustrophobia. I was still hunting for work when one morning my phone rang at 4 am.

Wondering if it could be a family emergency, I pushed my long red curls from my eyes and checked the screen. “Asshat ex” it read- making me instantly glad I had changed his name in my contacts.

Had it still said “My Boo” I probably would have picked up in my sleepy state. A few seconds later, the voicemail dinged. I rolled over to go back to sleep. Ten minutes later, I heard the buzz buzz buzz of my phone’s vibration. I opened one eye. “Asshat ex.” I turned the phone off. I remembered the last time I kissed him, the first time I’d had a black eye and drifted into an uneasy sleep.

In the morning, I flipped on my phone. 5 missed calls, 8 messages. This can’t be good. I scrolled to the first message and pressed play. “Cami, you asshole bitch! I fucking hate your… you…. Baby! I… I…. “ And then asshat ex was sobbing. And then swearing. And then threatening me and my dog in various colorful ways. I took a deep breath, and hit delete. And then deleted the other seven messages. I was free. My terrier wiggled in closer to me on the bed, nuzzling for affection.

“Well, it’s you and me girl.” I told her. “No more awful ex. I promise.” Mitts jumped and yipped gleefully, making me laugh out loud.

“Ok, Miss Mitts. Let’s get out in the sunshine and take you for a walk.”

I threw on a lacy tank top and jeans that I knew nicely showcased my curves, grabbed the leash and dove outside into a day of independence. It was freeing to feel sexy and happy again.

I breathed in the clean air, took in the blue sky, and heaved a sigh of relief as we walked. I stopped for an iced coffee and a donut, a little decadence to celebrate finally escaping the manipulative jerk who had made me doubt myself for years. The sun was so gloriously strong, I started walking under awnings to make sure my pale freckled skin didn’t burn. The trouble with being a redhead, I thought.

As I walked, I spotted the cute little massage studio I’d noticed that had decent rates around the corner from the coffee shop. On a whim, I decided to treat myself to a little relaxation; my muscles were still pulverized from hauling my arm chair and futon solo.

I tied Mitts by the provided water bowl, pushed open the door and the scent of lavender rose to meet me. Warm lamps sprinkled the room and I heard the slow trickle of a fountain somewhere behind the plush couch. A petite woman and a tall, pierced guy stood behind the desk.

“Welcome to Peace Massage, ‘ow can we help you dearie?” The woman inquired in a soft sweet British accent.

“I was wondering if you’d have any openings today?”

“You’re lucky, we’ve ‘ad a cancellation just now. Justin here is free, would that suit you?” She bubbled. Justin smiled welcomingly, and I felt instantly reassured about my splurge.

I sat down to fill out my intake form while the two brought me tea and water.

In moments, Justin ushered me to a softly candlelit room with a white-draped massage table in the center and gentle music playing. Studying him as he ordered the room, I noticed his skin was a luminous shade of mocha- hard to tell what ethnicity he might be, but whatever combined to make him was definitely a blessed mix.

As I handed back my tea mug, I noticed a chain of linked doves from his wrist to his elbow, wing to wing. Doves for peace. How appropriate for a massage therapist.

“So Cami, what can I help you with today?” Justin asked gently, his warm brown eyes glowing in the candlelight..

I nearly teared up at the kindness. It had been eons since I’d had such a positive interaction with another guy since the ex. “Well… I just moved. And broke up. And am between jobs. So, everything?”

He chuckled for a second, then said, “Wow. You’ve been through a lot. So, you’re looking to relieve some of that stress and perhaps work some sore muscles?’ I noticed the sleek strong definition of his arms under his well fitted black t-shirt, wondering if he ever got sore from spending hours massaging clients.

“You have me figured out already. My arms and legs are toast, but mostly I just want to bliss out for an hour.” I smiled at the thought of a stress-free hour and being able to walk without limping.

“No problem.” Justin responded. “I’ll leave you to undress to your level of comfort. I’ll knock a few times before I come in, and you can start face down on the table.” As he left, I noticed how his taut rear was showcased nicely in his slacks. No! Bad Cami! Don’t start scoping the massage guy. Not classy.

I removed my shoes and clothes, leaving my black bikini cut underwear on. I’d only had two massages before, and I never got all the way comfortable just shucking it all for a stranger. I peeled the top blanket and sheet back, and settled into the delightfully warm heating mat on the table, pulling the top layer back over me. After a few minutes, Justin knocked and I murmured something like “comeinnnnnn” through the face rest.

“Comfortable?” He asked. I again murmured something indicating assent, and I felt Justin place his warm hands on my upper back. “Just let yourself completely relax, imagine melting into the table” I heard from somewhere far above me.

I felt the blanket whisper down to my hips and a rush of cool air flit down my spine. I caught a whiff of something earthy and sweet- sandalwood- and Justin applied the warmed lotion to my back in broad strokes, warming my skin with his touch.

I sighed contentedly and he applied complete diligence to my back- wide long strokes out from my spine that made my feet tingle, deep pressure on the knots lurking in my shoulders, gentle rolling from my neck to hips, and touch I could barely recognize as human pressure it felt so heavenly.

I indeed melted into the table, and realized something else: my heart rate was increasing. And one more: I was feeling particularly warm from the waist down, particularly any time his very professional hands grazed my neck or hips. Good thing I’d left my underwear on… otherwise the table would not be dry when I left.

As Justin began to knead my shoulders and neck, I pleaded with my warm wet nether lips to cease their excitement. However, my brain had become too much like cooked noodles to protest. It has been four months since you’ve had sex, Cami. It’s only natural. Well, thank god I’m not a guy, at least it’s easier to miss than a boner.

After attending to my weary biceps and forearms in such a fashion I had to censor my moaning, Justin adjusted the lower sheet to expose one of my legs, tucking it in a circle around my upper thigh. Oh god, I hope I don’t soak through to the blanket, I prayed. He’s a professional, right? I wonder what else I could pay him for… CAMI!

I shook my head to dislodge the naughty thoughts swirling madly around.

“Sorry! Did I hurt you?” Justin looked concerned. Wow, I’d never been drawn to the tattooed and pierced guys, but his sweet expression coupled with his sexy strong jawline looked good enough to lick.

“Oh, no… just a little ticklish. Sorry!” I hoped that the blood rushing to my face wasn’t a dead giveaway. He grinned and went back to dutifully dueling the tension residing in my leg.

As he shifted the blanket from one leg to the other I held my breath, but he said nothing about the dampened cloth. Definitely a professional, Cami. Get your mind out of the gutter and enjoy this amazing massage. Should be easy enough, this guy has incredible hands…

“Ok, I’m going to ask you to scoot down onto the table and turn over when you’re ready.” Justin was holding the blanket up modestly between us and I hadn’t even noticed, lost in my mental battle.

“Oops! You had me so relaxed I hadn’t notice you’d stopped.” He smiled, pleased with his work and tucked the blanket across my chest, under each arm and began with his deliciously warm sandalwood-smelling hands pressed firmly below my collarbones. Again, I melted.

He stood next to me and began to massage in wider strokes across my shoulders, then stopped to adjust the blanket a bit further down. In a flash, I felt my nipples harden and before I knew what happened, I had grabbed his hands and slid them to cup my oh-so-sensitive breasts, breath heaving in my chest.

For a second, I think he was a shocked as I was and my eyes snapped open and we sat looking into each other’s eyes. I gasped in and started explaining.

“Wow. Sorry! So inappropriate..” I slid our hands back up to my sternum but even as badly as I knew I’d just behaved, couldn’t bring myself to let his hands go. “I’m sorry, it’s just been a long time since I’ve been touched and I don’t know what happened. I didn’t mean to insult your work.”

We exchanged a long look, and I couldn’t read his expression. After an eternity with my breath caught in my throat, he quietly whispered, “It’s ok. I guessed- how else could the blanket get so wet?”

I gasped and blushed furiously, still unsure if I was being rebuked. Then he winked at me mischievously and murmured, “You’re just lucky that today I’m extremely attracted to my client and am happy making sure… we both find satisfaction in this business arrangement if it’s not
mentioned to my boss.”

My mind whirled, not sure I was hearing correctly. Justin smiled again, a sweet dimple lighting up his face. Yet his hands didn’t move.

I cautiously moved our hands back down to my pulsing, rock-hard nipples, watching his eyes as I did. He grinned as I began to breathe quickly, my eyelids fluttering and sparks running up and down my body. His cupped hands held my full breasts, and I tried to get my breathing under control.

I opened my eyes to see him dipping his head to brush his lips against my neck, my chest. I sighed and rubbed his strong hands over my sensitive breasts, the warm scented lotion heavenly against my skin. I took one of my hands away to slide it down over my heaving stomach to my dripping slit.

Justin took the initiative and began to roll my nipples slowly between his expert fingers, then flicking his tongue across them, a warm and wet sensation that made me groan out loud.

“Shhh… the walls are pretty thin. Can you do this quietly?” he looked genuinely concerned. Oh sweet boy…

“Have anything I can bite? That you don’t mind getting some teeth marks in?” I raised my eyebrows, playfully challenging him. God, how I wanted to see his body under that shirt.

He offered me both a fluffy hand towel and his wrist… ballsy! I accepted the towel, whispering that we could get to that later if he wanted. His eyes widened as I rolled the towel and bit down, guiding his hands back to their work on my cooling flesh. Justin’s warm hands stroked and rolled and teased and pinched me into dizziness, making me moan into my makeshift gag as my hand crept down to stroke in wide circles around my swelling lips.

My back arched as I finally brushed my clit, a muffled cry escaping into the soft terry cloth. I stopped to look up at Justin. I could see his erection starting to press against his pants and I sat up to tug his shirt over his head. This must be my karmic reward for getting out, I thought. What a right choice it was. Justin’s illustrated chest was lean and toned, with rock hard shoulders and pecs glistening with a light sheen of sweat.

“You are damn sexy… am I dreaming?” I sighed.

“All real. But I have another appointment in forty minutes and I don’t want to waste a second… Can I see all of you?” he slowly lowered the blanket down my body, dropping it on the floor. “Wow. Cami, you’re beautiful. What idiot would have let you go?”

I felt a release in my chest somewhere, and leaned to kiss him. First, a soft touch of lips, soon our kiss grew more heated . I slid my hands up and down his chest, admiring the feel of a different man, a kind man.

As our tongues danced he caressed my body tenderly and I began to tug on his pants, unwilling to let this chance go by. One of his hands slid up my leg to gently rub up and down my throbbing opening. My juices wet his hand and finally I unfastened his pants, dropping them and his boxers to the floor. He was as excited as I was, and the sight of his smooth hard cock made me bite my lips to keep from from yelping in delight.

I sat on the edge of the table, straddling that gorgeous body as Justin began to tease my opening with one finger, running it around and around, brushing my clit until I had to replace the towel to keep my moans quiet.

I leaned back, pushing my hips up expectantly and he teased me with a slow grin as he placed one fingertip inside me. My body clenched in sensation and I begged him for more with my eyes and hips. He ran his other hand up and down my leg, massaging but left my wet slit begging for more, until at last he slid two fingers into my wet chasm, laying me out on the table as the shock of pleasure echoed through my spine. I laid back, gripping the table as he glided his fingers in and out, my legs tingling and the cloth towel beginning to lose hope of escaping intact.

When I was at the edge of orgasm, he suddenly removed his hands and continued the internal massage with his mouth. He licked up and down, swirled his tongue inside me and nibbled gently on my clit. The blanket by now was balled in my hands and soaked in my juices, and my legs started shaking as I came closer to climax.

“Justin… please… I want you in me” I managed to moan around my towel.

In a second he was on his feet, rubbing the tip of his hard cock against me. As he pushed inside me, I bit down hard to keep from groaning, as I thrust back against him. I leaned up on my elbows, watching his expression change as he began to fight the urge to give himself away to his boss.

He grabbed my hips and drove deeper, filling me until I felt like I would burst with pleasure.

He reached down for one of my legs, and pulled it up on his shoulder, stretching my dripping pussy tight. The new sensations knocked me back on my back, arching and biting my knuckles to keep quiet. Justin’s rhythmic thrusts brought me to the edge and he backed away again, leading me to bigger and bigger waves of feeling each time.

Justin brought my other leg over his shoulder, hugging my thighs to his chest. Each movement pressed against my clit and I found one hand tweaking my nipple, another rubbing furiously at my dripping clit.

“Please… yes… now!” I begged

He gave a small cry and began to piston into me with renewed strength. Faster and faster….. I realized I was holding my breath and gasped for air before jamming the towel back in my mouth.

I screamed into the towel as I saw stars before my eyes and felt Justin explode into me. My fingers and toes tingled and the pit of my stomach poured molten lava, I felt wet stickiness dripping out of me. He even gave a grunt and collapsed forward, and I let my legs down to hold him against my chest.

We laid that way, draped across the table of his professional work for a few minutes, our breath returning to normal. When we could both see straight, he propped himself on one elbow and looked at me curiously, brushing a curl out of my mouth.

“Feel better?’

“You have no idea. I think I’ll be keeping this place my little secret. You’ll see me again.”

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