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Flick The Switch

Envy And Samson - Flick Switch

Very soon you'll be
With downcast eyes
But don't go to sleep
Because you're about to obey me

Worship me
My voice
My eyes
My whip
Causes your dick to
Thicken and rise
Your soul surrenders
At the knowledge
That I own you
I'll show you the ultimate pleasure
Worship me

So fuck the handcuffs
I said “don't move”
'Cause I'm about to mindfuck you

You begin by
Proud peacock pose
Dick blooms like a rose
Seeking to conquer my cunt
Assuming like most
Pitiful penis people
That you are in control
Due to your pole
You amuse me
But I bore easily
With that machismo attitude
Well listen, 'dude'
You are no longer 'the Man'

So fuck the handcuffs
I said “don't move”
'Cause I'm about to mindfuck you

First, I'll have you nude
Lose that attitude
I undress you like a Ken doll
Light the fire in your cock-whore soul

That naked dick that you prize
You don't seem to realize
Is actually the right size
To work it's way between my thighs
But only if it satisfies

So fuck the handcuffs
I said “don't move”
'Cause I'm about to mindfuck you

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My boots kick you to the floor
Now lick them, you filty whore
Time for your first lesson
A 101 on humiliation
Can you handle a little
Verbal castration?

Because though I gave you
A safeword
You seem to enjoy being my
Sissy (sissy)
Slave (sissy)
Boy toy
When I tease you
Abuse you
Fuck you
With my strap on tongue
You behave like its fun
I guess its time for a bit of pain

So fuck the handcuffs
I said “don't move”
'Cause I'm about to mindfuck you

With your ass I do My battle

Yet stoic and silent you remain
You're a pain slut with no shame
You moan and beg to come
But fuck that
I'm not done
Let me make one final attempt to
Put you to good use
Eat you like a cooked goose
What will you do for my pussy juice?

This is about my pleasure
Licking Pandora's Box
Should be your treasure
I've decided you'll be my sex slave
If you do this right


Oh, yeah

Finally, I think you've got it

Oooooh, yes, that would be My clit
You're kinda good at this
Oooooh, baby, this is pure bliss
What's that you say?
Oh, yes, I'm ready to play
You're damn right I'll switch
Yes! I'll be your bitch!

Sorry, Sir, I'll shut up
No more will I speak
Its just that Your style is so unique!
Hey where'd You learn this technique?
That Whiskey Sour turned You into a freak!
I'm just gonna lie here and get some
'Cause I think I'm about to come!

So fuck the handcuffs
I cannot move
'Cause You know how to mouthfuck me
And I'm into your groove

So now you own me
Yes Sir!
You own me now
Yes Sir!
I'll do whatever you want
Yes Sir!

The switch is flicked
And I'm turned on.

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