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True Story


First Time To Remember

"I started from the base and once I reached the head, I parted my lips a little and pushed it against my mouth. My left hand cupped his tight balls and gently rolled them. I parted my lips and moved the cock to one side so that I could run my lips down the length to the base where I licked and curled my tongue under and over. His shaft pushed against my cheek; I swear I felt its head caressing my ear. I ran my tongue back along the side till I came to the head. I parted my lips further, and I guided his cock into my mouth."


True Stories: Training Day

"You've been very descriptive in your emails". She then took me fully into her mouth and began to bob her head up and down, occasionally pausing to slide her tongue along the length of my rigid shaft. I began to pulsate my hips to match the rhythm of her mouth as I ran my fingers through her long, soft blonde hair which was cascading across my lap. Man, this was heaven."

Rugged Ride

True Stories - We Met At The Club

"I cried out that the bed was too soft and I asked to lie down on the carpet. Ty was eager to oblige and we resumed our positions. Ah, much better! He was able to resist my downwards motion better and I was able to slam down onto him harder. I would stop my up and down motion to grind myself back and forth. I was getting wet just watching his face as I changed rhythms and directions."

Office Affair...

Office Negotiations

"Li Lin, what the fuck..." you splutter, as I reach for your zipper and begin undoing your pants. In spite of your shock, your cock is rock hard and as I tug at your clothing, it springs out inches from my face. You are bigger than I thought; that's a pleasant surprise. Any objections you have are stilled as my lips descend, taking the head of your cock into my mouth."


Caught In The Moment

"Good answer." I straightened and turned into his arms, my hand still squeezing his hot cock. I noticed my voice dropped a little and became a little huskier. "I love how hard your cock is Steve; can I have a taste?"


Muriel's Confession

"I don’t remember who I kissed first, and it didn’t matter, because as I was kissing Jimmy, Miguel was caressing my body, his dark hands gliding over my thighs and gently massaging my buttocks."

Celia And Brad - Cuckold

True Story: Cuckold

"She pulled his underwear down and slowly licked his balls with the tip of her tongue. I heard him take a sudden, sharp breath as soon as her tongue touched his balls. Slowly, she ran her mouth upwards to the tip of his cock. She kept her palms on his thighs the whole time, and I watched my beautiful wife worship this stranger's cock."


True Story - Summer Of 98

"I shoved my hand into the waistband of his track pants and he whimpered as I gripped his thick shaft. Thank goodness his bodybuilding wasn't all about making up for a small cock. It was a great size, and I wanted to see it. He had turned me on, and being in my early twenties, I hadn't yet discovered my off button."


True Stories: Long Road To Recovery

"Then he started to finger me... first 2 fingers, then 3. Stretching me wide, filling me completely. Since childbirth I found my want to have my cunt completely filled had gone through the roof, and soon hubby had four fingers inside and then his whole fist."

Shower Fucking - The Bust

The Hookup

"The shower had continued to run all the while. I pushed him in, intent on not wasting any further time. Kissing him once more, I lifted my leg to create an opening and guided his once-more rock hard dick to my slippery entrance. He shoved himself inside, forcing me to accept him all at once."

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