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Submission & Domination


Stand In

“I’m not sure you like this very much Mr. Masked guy. You might want to rethink it next time before you say yes to fucking me hmmm? What’d you expect? Some kind of doggy style moment where you’d get your rocks off? I bet you piece of shit. You seriously thought I’d leave my Daddy for you? That’s laughable. You’re here to do one thing, fuck me with that limp dick of yours. Let’s see if we can’t make it a little harder hmmm?”


Exceptional Tastes

"Eventually, he is ready to enter me. I lower myself onto him with a reservation: I know he is going to push back. They can’t help it. The first contact of entry always entices a pelvic thrust. I know he can’t help it, which makes it all the more fun to whip him one in the chest."


Shy Eyes

"Your hands lock onto my hips and hold me in place, your cock deep inside me. A breeze kisses my back, a breeze that is suddenly warmer, turning into someone else's breath, and I realize with a sudden flash of panic that we left the door open. The bed shifts as someone climbs onto it behind me and I push forward, trying to climb off you, but your hands are like steel bands."


Damn Corsets

“Thank you Little One. Now tell me what you want tonight, or do I need to discipline you for not answering my question…” Before I finish, he is on the floor, on his knees. He has placed one hand on the top of each foot and has bent to place his forehead on the back of his hands. I feel his slow breathing hot against my skin. It sends goose bumps shooting up my spine. “Mistress, I only wish to worship you tonight.”

Bliss Domestic

Domestic Bliss

"She knows me so well, knows when to speed up and when to play with my breasts and when to taunt me and when to give in. She knows how to make me come, every time. She knows not to stop when I start coming because if she keeps pushing me, I’ll keep coming for minutes."

Erotic Exploration

Anger Management

“Kneel” I snarl, grabbing his hair and pushing him down into a kneeling position. I spread my legs, put one foot on a feature in the hallway, and push his face into my already wet pussy."


Open Me

"Welcome home, Will O’Neil. Take the panties I gave you and put them on. Yes, on you. Then take a picture of yourself masturbating. No face—I’m not trying to ruin your life. When you’re done, send me the picture from a non-work account. You’ve got thirty minutes. –K"


Rough Sex

"I can just feel the tip of your cock against my swollen pussy, and I push my hips back, trying to pull you into me, but you hold me firmly in place. You tease in and out, just barely inside me...an inch, then back out, with your thumb pressing into me, also teasing."


The Corner

"His tongue entered me again, its rotation wound me up like a mechanical doll, twisted into a state of suspended animation, waiting for him to release me into a state of what, I could not imagine. In this new territory, I had no frame of referential pleasure. I just knew I wanted what was to come, on his terms or mine."


The New Slave

"I patted him on the head and told him what a good boy he was. I was so horny I couldn’t wait a second longer for him to put that young hard cock inside of me. Yanking him up from the floor, I removed the leash and chain and asked him if he was ready for a good fucking. He assured me that he was, so I pushed him down upon the bed and climbed on top of him, guiding that beautiful cock between my thighs."

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