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Spontaneous Sex

Lang & Zoe - Workaholic

The Workaholic

"Annie removed her foot from his armrest and stood up. She crossed the small distance and again stood in front of him, letting her robe drop completely to the floor. She slowly straddled Caleb, very aware of the hard cock that hadn't lost one inch of girth since the beginning of her seduction. The head of the shaft glistened with pre-cum, as she maneuvered it just slightly out of the way. Annie had decided that there would be no penetration just yet as Caleb moaned with disappointed."


Without Words

"I pushed myself up onto my hands and knees and I felt him rubbing his cock against my wet slit. I couldn’t wait to feel him back inside me. I waited. His cock continued to rub against me, but no penetration. I could feel it bobbing and I could hear him panting lightly. Sweet fucking hell, he was masturbating against my pussy! This was one of the biggest turn-ons of my life."


Highway 69

"He nibbled on my clit and continued eating my pussy as the rain beat against the hot metal and skin. Slipping two fingers inside of me, he began finger fucking me to ecstasy while sucking on my engorged pink clit. I was moaning and crying out, begging him to let me cum when he pulled me off the hood and pushed me to my knees in the wet grass."


Fun In The Sun

"Full of his cock, I rode him slowly at first, my hands resting on his muscular chest. I looked over my shoulder to see Darren still inside of Clare, but watching me. Ginger’s big paw of a hand guided my face back round and down to join his in a kiss. As his tongue searched my mouth I could feel something hard and round near it’s tip, a piercing. God, what arousal that would give! I couldn’t help but smile against his lips."


At The Coffee Shop

"When he pushed my skirt up over my hips, I spread my legs as he leaned in and tenderly kissed my pussy. I rested my ass back against the edge of the counter, and his finger lightly traced along my slit. I tried to move my hips, wanting to feel him inside of me, but he placed an arm across them forcing me to endure his sweet torture."

Hot Threesome

Happy New Year

"Now I lay on the improvised bed made by Patrick’s fine overcoat, in a broken-down lift, with a man ten years my junior giving me eager but not unskilled cunnilingus, while a wealthy investment banker with movie-star good looks kneads my breast, his nearly nine inches hovering over my astonished and rapt face."

Best Friends Forever Roomate

Making Up With James

“Oh yes,” she groaned as my hand met her clit. I ground into it. She began to buck her hips into my hand as her breath grew shallow and fast. I kissed her hard as she spasmed against me. I covered her mouth with mine, silencing her cries of release."


The Exam

"His pants dropped to the floor just as his coat gaped open and I broke the kiss, even though that felt quite astoundingly good, to slide downward and pull his huge cock into my mouth. He threw his head back and I heard it smack into the mirror. I chuckled, earning a gasp from him as the vibration worked over his shaft."


Office Confessions

"There is certainly something corrupt about sexual engagement with a married man. I have to admit that it was undoubtedly my most thrilling sexual encounter ever. The forbidden fruit has a delicious flavor and this serves as proper analogy because god, did he taste sweet spilling down my throat."


Pumpkins Ahead

"Faster!" she begged and grabbed his hand, rubbing his finger up and down over her clit. She gasped, her pussy a slick, oily mess. Suddenly it had her. Waves of gut-knotting pleasure hooking deep inside. "Oh....my...God!!" she gasped, bucking like a horse. Her jack spattered the straw."

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