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Spontaneous Sex


A Pleasant Surprise

"I sat on the edge of the table, straddling that gorgeous body as Justin began to tease my opening with one finger, running it around and around, brushing my clit until I had to replace the towel to keep my moans quiet."


At The Manor Employed

"One by one, he tied each of her wrists and ankles to its own bedpost. The moment she was fully restrained, he straddled her torso. Then, in one deft maneuver, he pushed her breasts together and inserted himself between them."

Renato & Veronica - Monday


"He didn't need to tell me what he wanted. I pulled myself up and dropped to my knees before him, taking his thick shaft deep into my mouth. He grabbed my head and pumped away. I sucked on his hot cock and rubbed my tongue against his velvety bell-end, tasting the sticky pre-cum there. After several hard thrusts he started to moan and pulled himself back out of my mouth."

Brad & Dana - A Walk In The Park

A Walk In The Park

"As soon as I lay back, he had his finger inside me, startling me at his speed. A surge of pure pleasure washed over my body, and I writhed under him, still demanding more. My squirming must have been the last straw for him. He rolled completely on top of me, his weight spreading my legs and in one motion pushed inside of me. That was where I had needed to be touched the most!"



"The short stick he had previously used on Bee became a weapon to probe her perfectly shaved box. Chalon laved the hot, copious juices that poured from her slit onto her eager bud. Then, he used the rounded end of the stick to press against it, firmly… then almost imperceptibly… firmly…barely there… Annie squirmed and groaned and pleaded but the torture continued."

Bree & James!

The Surprise

"Jesus Maggie, you are driving me crazy,” he moaned. Then releasing himself, he quickly returned his attentions to me. “You have the best ass I’ve ever seen,” he said, prying my cheeks apart and pressing into my cleft with his rock hard missile."


On The Night Bus

"Soon, Will stopped thinking and simply watched and wanked. The breast play had ceased, and, although he couldn't actually see what was happening, it was damn obvious that the girl was now giving her boyfriend a blow job. Her blonde head was bobbing up and down, and it was the man's turn to grunt and moan as his cock was enveloped in a hot, wet and very willing mouth."

Divine Touch

Movie Madness

"During a lull I heard the unzipping of his trousers and taking my hand he placed it on his exposed cock, pressing my palm and fingers around it. I kept still at first, just squeezing. Oh, it felt so hard, and hot and powerful. In the dim light it took on a creamy sheen, a solid rod protruding upright from his lap. As I very slowly moved my hand up its length he groaned, a clenched teeth groan—it would not take much for him to come either."



"I heard his zipper’s metallic teeth opening as I stared at the graffiti covered stall in front of me. My skirt flipped up onto my back, and his hands ran over my ass cheeks slowly and deliberately. I expected a slap or two, but none came. Instead, the nudging head of his sheathed cock pushed at my warm cunt, barely teasing before thrusting deep inside."


The Eroticism Of Danger

"She could almost feel him smirking as he removed his fingers and plunged his thick cock deep inside of her. Traci bit her lip to keep from screaming with pleasure. He had one hand against the side of the dumpster for support and the other on her clit. Traci closed her eyes and gasped each time he drew himself out of her wet heat and plunged back into it."

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