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Spontaneous Sex

Divine Touch

Movie Madness

"During a lull I heard the unzipping of his trousers and taking my hand he placed it on his exposed cock, pressing my palm and fingers around it. I kept still at first, just squeezing. Oh, it felt so hard, and hot and powerful. In the dim light it took on a creamy sheen, a solid rod protruding upright from his lap. As I very slowly moved my hand up its length he groaned, a clenched teeth groan—it would not take much for him to come either."



"I heard his zipper’s metallic teeth opening as I stared at the graffiti covered stall in front of me. My skirt flipped up onto my back, and his hands ran over my ass cheeks slowly and deliberately. I expected a slap or two, but none came. Instead, the nudging head of his sheathed cock pushed at my warm cunt, barely teasing before thrusting deep inside."


The Eroticism Of Danger

"She could almost feel him smirking as he removed his fingers and plunged his thick cock deep inside of her. Traci bit her lip to keep from screaming with pleasure. He had one hand against the side of the dumpster for support and the other on her clit. Traci closed her eyes and gasped each time he drew himself out of her wet heat and plunged back into it."


Going Down

"I began to rock back and forth upon his pelvis, my clit burning with anticipation each time it rubbed against his dampened flesh. He reached out to grab a hold of my hips, which were now moving at a furious pace. I leaned forward, burrowing my fingernails deep into the musculature of his chest. “Now say my name”, I growled, biting his lips as the first waves of orgasm began to wash over me."

Hallway Interlude

Tango Before Lomo

"He made me wait, and the anticipation sent a wave of desire through my sex, the wetness covering me. With his left hand, I felt him start to undo his pants as his right went to my clitoris and stroked it with the same gentle motion. I needed him then, I was ready, there was no need for anything more. I felt his cock come out and press against the flesh of my butt, a hot hard organ with a need of its own."

Glory Hole

Glory Hole

“I want to lick you,” he told her, “I want to hear you come.” He hiked Simone’s sweater dress up above her hips and pulled her panties down to her ankles in a single motion. Kneeling in front of her, he stroked her clit and glistening folds with his hand before slipping three fingers inside."


Mrs. X

“He was a God. Deep tan skin, dark hair all over his chiseled body, powerful thighs, and all this mine. This body mine right now to fuck. His cock stood up straight against his stomach. That I hadn’t seen in some time. This was a cock that was thrilled to be young and strong and had no intention of wasting a second of its life. My mouth watered when I looked at it. The glistening head, the small bead of fluid running down the side onto a vein underneath. All this delicious."


Drink Up

"He let go and launched himself over, not opening his eyes, not breaking the bond between their bodies for more than an instant. He mewed and burbled as her full right breast sprayed into his mouth at the touch of his tongue. He pinched her left nipple hard, and Kate gasped, reaching up her hands to pull his head even closer to her. He settled in for a long, rocking suckle, his right hand drifting now down to the bulging crotch of his suit pants."

speeding ticket.jpg

Speeding Ticket

“Let’s see it Officer.” He fumbled with his zipper until his huge cock sprang out like a jack in the box. It made my mouth water. I ran the tip of my tongue over his glistening length and felt him shutter and moan. “Oh Officer” I moaned, I started to pump him slowly at first, and then gently slid the head of his cock into my mouth. My lips wrapped around his shaft and I slowly pushed him as far as he could go, grazing the back of my throat. I felt like a contortionist, twisting between Davis’ fingers and the Officer’s slick cock."

shadow thrust.jpg

Long Distance Lust

“I need to fuck you right now,” he growled against my ear and I dug my nails into his wrist. I turned around to face him. “Not on this shuttle. We need to find somewhere.” I nodded instantly in agreement, the prospect of fucking in a pretty public place arousing for so many reasons."

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