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Sex In Public


On The Night Bus

"Soon, Will stopped thinking and simply watched and wanked. The breast play had ceased, and, although he couldn't actually see what was happening, it was damn obvious that the girl was now giving her boyfriend a blow job. Her blonde head was bobbing up and down, and it was the man's turn to grunt and moan as his cock was enveloped in a hot, wet and very willing mouth."

Divine Touch

Movie Madness

"During a lull I heard the unzipping of his trousers and taking my hand he placed it on his exposed cock, pressing my palm and fingers around it. I kept still at first, just squeezing. Oh, it felt so hard, and hot and powerful. In the dim light it took on a creamy sheen, a solid rod protruding upright from his lap. As I very slowly moved my hand up its length he groaned, a clenched teeth groan—it would not take much for him to come either."

Glory Hole

Glory Hole

“I want to lick you,” he told her, “I want to hear you come.” He hiked Simone’s sweater dress up above her hips and pulled her panties down to her ankles in a single motion. Kneeling in front of her, he stroked her clit and glistening folds with his hand before slipping three fingers inside."

shadow thrust.jpg

Long Distance Lust

“I need to fuck you right now,” he growled against my ear and I dug my nails into his wrist. I turned around to face him. “Not on this shuttle. We need to find somewhere.” I nodded instantly in agreement, the prospect of fucking in a pretty public place arousing for so many reasons."


Without Words

"I pushed myself up onto my hands and knees and I felt him rubbing his cock against my wet slit. I couldn’t wait to feel him back inside me. I waited. His cock continued to rub against me, but no penetration. I could feel it bobbing and I could hear him panting lightly. Sweet fucking hell, he was masturbating against my pussy! This was one of the biggest turn-ons of my life."



"Unzipping his pants and freeing himself right there in the open, he slid his swollen member to the very depths of my channel, plowing away like somehow the frigid air made him hornier, like somehow, the top of the building – beside the cars and trucks where anyone could just walk up and see us – was the best place in the world to fuck. As usual, he was right."


Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

"His hands dug into my jeans, squirmed under my panties, and found my hot wet flesh. One finger invaded me, two fingers and I arched up to let him go deeper. Hoping against hope he would add a third. Instead, he pulled his hand free and grappled with my button. I shimmied my hips to help him get my jeans and panties down."



"Gina cringed back hard against her need to squeal in delight as his hand ran over the thin cloth of her panties, the unbearable tickling on her engorged labia driving her insane. He was digging beneath her clothes, his hands pressing down on her pelvis and the rolling mound of her pussy."


Nearly Public

"He wasted no time in loosing his already hard cock from the confines of the trousers he'd been wearing, and he maneuvered himself onto the seat, settling me on top of him. I was still trembling from the aftermath of my climax, but he slid into me and I was hard pressed not to groan."


City Girl

"Travis’s jaw clenched, and I saw him reach for my wrist. My breath caught when he touched it, sliding my hand up himself to position it on the hard cock beneath his jeans. My pussy spilled over as our car rose and dipped on the platform, the speed decreasing until we came to a stop."

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