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Sex Outdoors

Sex On The Beach - The Island

Music In The Dunes

"Suddenly, Marc guided her onto all fours, slipped behind her, and drove his cock into her from behind. He leaned forward, cupping her breast between one of his hands and pinching her nipple firmly, and whispered in her ear "Do you like this baby? Does being watched excite you?"


Fun In The Sun

"Full of his cock, I rode him slowly at first, my hands resting on his muscular chest. I looked over my shoulder to see Darren still inside of Clare, but watching me. Ginger’s big paw of a hand guided my face back round and down to join his in a kiss. As his tongue searched my mouth I could feel something hard and round near it’s tip, a piercing. God, what arousal that would give! I couldn’t help but smile against his lips."


Summer Love: The Beach, A Cold Corona And A New Man

“Mmmmm,” a low growl began in the pit of my stomach and bubbled up from my throat, a throat that would have wanted to feel his cock in it if my pussy weren’t such a greedy little bitch, “make me come, Marq. Make me do it.”


Liquid Lunch

"I take as much of him in as I can manage, teasing as I go with my tongue. I hold him there for a moment, listening to his tormented sighs and moans. Sucking harder, I move back up and resume oral ministrations on his tip. He’s already leaking pre-cum. Delicious, like nectar - I could drink him dry. Sliding, licking and kissing while my hand caresses his shaft, the thumb tantalisingly brushing the underside of his helmet."


Snow Angel

"Slick sounds carried through the crisp winter air, the bench creaked, shedding snow from the back of the bench where Dan hadn’t wiped it clean. She could barely think, all she knew was the feeling of his cock, his throbbing erection, buried to the hilt in her welcoming body."



"Unzipping his pants and freeing himself right there in the open, he slid his swollen member to the very depths of my channel, plowing away like somehow the frigid air made him hornier, like somehow, the top of the building – beside the cars and trucks where anyone could just walk up and see us – was the best place in the world to fuck. As usual, he was right."


Sex In The Rain

"She approached the edge of orgasm; pulled him to her, lifted her pelvis, placed her legs around his calves, and with her hands on his hips caused him to move. His strokes became longer and faster and harder. She delighted as his cock engorged and became more rigid."


Street Fair

"His hands forced my knees farther apart, opening me wide. He slid his entire length into me with one fluid stroke. Only my toes touched the filthy concrete. My hands gripped his shoulders and I absorbed each slick plunge of his cock. My cunt molded to him and came fully awake as his tempo increased. He dipped his head and I forced one coppery nipple between his lips. He sucked it roughly then ran his tongue around the puckered halo. My nerves snapped with arousal, my thighs clenched him tight."


Services Rendered

"In her hand, Roger’s cock had been incredible -- silken skin covering rock-hard muscle, a sweet drop of pre-cum glimmering at the tip -- but in her mouth it was magical. Leaning down, she first kissed the tip, relishing in the salty, sweet flavor of that pre-cum, then licked all around -- smiling at the chorus of delighted groans and moans Roger made -- before opening her mouth and slowly easing him inside."



"Floods of dread gripped her stomach as Debbie realized what he was asking. The panic nearly shut her mind down, but the image of her lying with her thighs open and letting Tom examine parts of her she’s never even seen herself seared into her brain. Amid the foreboding terror she felt her pussy pulse with enticement."

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