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The Water Boy

"He goes down to his knees and pushes my skirt up to my waist as he starts licking my pussy from behind. One hand moves around my hip in search of my clit, I guide his hand to it and his fingers waste no time stroking and teasing my hard little nub causing goose bumps to spread over my body."


Six Sides Of Steel

"The crowd roared as his cock stretched her. He went deep, growling in her face with every inch he gave until he could give no more. He held her in place, plugged and throbbing around his dick."


Sensitive To The Touch

“Next I was going to lounge back on the sofa and make you stroke my beautiful legs while you ate my pussy until I came all over your face. But even though it’s your birthday, I wasn’t planning on doing anything for you. Except watch while you jerk off on the stockings, then rub your gooey spunk all over my thighs and tits. Then I’ll make you rub my clit with your slick finger until I come again.”

Brad & Dana Truth or Dare

Truth Or Dare

"His mouth on her nipple, he sucked greedily, roughly. She arched her back and moaned in ecstasy. Kissing her belly, he worked his way down. Fingers in her pussy, tongue on her clit – he couldn’t get enough of her. Needed to taste every inch of her. His tongue inside of her, flicking, swirling – round and round."


Rules of Engagement

"Gripping my head – his hands tangled in my hair – Kipp lined himself up and shoved his staff into my mouth with such force that I nearly choked. Sensing that he wouldn’t last long, I let him stutter into me for a few more seconds then I pushed him away. “You have to get back to work,” I said, tentatively caressing his balls, his cock aglow and pulsing like a hand-held flare."


I Lose, I Win

"You smell so good. I love that peppermint soap. Stroking your hot cock. Stroking it firmly... up, then softly over the thickened head, down; again and again, stroking up, across, and down. Firm and fast, while I gently suck your balls into my mouth."


Riding The Train

"His hand reaches for my hair and he snaps my head back to kiss me as his cock enters me from behind. Short, hard, staccato fucking. I want to scream it feels so good. He releases my hair but holds his mouth to my ear warning me to stay quiet or he’ll stop. I nod and bite my lip as his boot gently moves my legs apart further."


Anything You Want

"Kneeling naked between my legs, he leaned over and kissed me deeply, one hand fondling my breast. Sitting back, his hand went to his magnificent erection. Stroking it slowly with one hand, he rubbed the head between my pussy lips, teasing at my entrance, rubbing over my still-throbbing clit."

Poor Boy.jpg

Poor Boy

“Georgie, does your wife do this, does she masturbate in front of you? Does she let you watch while she fondles herself, while she touches her pussy? Have you ever asked her to bring herself to a climax in front of you?”



“Fuck another man? In front of you? I think you want me to, Grant. Maybe you just don’t know it yet” Unbuttoning her blouse, she moved to him, a foreign intensity pulling them together. His eyes narrowed and closed as she stood on her tippy toes and whispered in his ear, “I’m going to fuck him in just the nastiest way, Grant.” She moved around in front of him, dropping her blouse and unfastening her black bra. “I really hope you like it,” she said with cotton candy innocence.

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