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Mrs. X

“He was a God. Deep tan skin, dark hair all over his chiseled body, powerful thighs, and all this mine. This body mine right now to fuck. His cock stood up straight against his stomach. That I hadn’t seen in some time. This was a cock that was thrilled to be young and strong and had no intention of wasting a second of its life. My mouth watered when I looked at it. The glistening head, the small bead of fluid running down the side onto a vein underneath. All this delicious."


Just Another Rainy Afternoon In Paradise

By Gigi

"But then he returned. Or so I thought. Instead there was Roger. My husband Roger, of whom I had been totally oblivious and who had been watching while I was lost in this explosive orgasm brought on by another man, had now replaced Kurt between my waiting thighs and in a matter of seconds he too had slid his engorged penis deep within my still quivering body."


My Darling Boy

"Once I even masturbated in my room, hoping he would accidentally walk in. I took my breasts out of my bra, and spread my legs wide opened, and touched myself, staring at my reflection in the mirror, wanting him to come in. I came so loudly, there is no way he could not have heard me cry for him."


The Boy Next Door: Harmony

"I looked down, at his throbbing member, my heart in my throat as I thought what it would feel like inside me. “The other thing that’s normal at your age, is that you can come more than once, and even sometimes more than twice.” I looked down again at his cock, and back up at him. “You have a beautiful cock, Tom.”


Teaching Jamie

“Feel these big tits. You like them, don’t you?” I purr as my fingers fumble at his jeans, all the while his inexperienced hands grab at me, still reluctant but clearly hungry to touch. I yank down his jeans almost roughly, startling him. He pauses for a moment, hesitant, biting his lip. “Don’t stop Jamie. Let me show you how good this will feel.”


Tattoos and Scars

"There was so much pent up ecstasy inside of me that I couldn’t control my mind or my body. I envisioned him fucking me like this, fucking my ass and letting me suck every drop of cum from him. Inside of my sexually rabid mind, I couldn’t decide what I wanted more. It was wrong to have to choose. I wanted it all. I wanted him, in every possible way, all at once."

Hot Threesome

On The Prowl

"If the men were bothered by her suggestive behaviour, they didn’t show it. The three of them bounced to the music, bodies bumping and grinding against one another, hands groping and squeezing. The guys had obviously realised that a threesome was on the cards, and Blake’s hands had dipped between Jolene’s legs and were caressing her pussy through the fabric of her skirt. Meanwhile, Pete was busying himself with her breasts."


The Performance

"of two bodies--slick with want-- complement each other hips lifted, backs arched playing each other like v i o l i n s"


Just The Beginning

"I didn’t need anymore than that. I slid my hand down into his pants and began working his shaft with my fingers, causing him to moan. Using the other hand to undo his zipper, I pulled his hard cock out into the crisp night air."



"Slowly, carefully, she kicked off her sandals, her jeans, and her panties. Then she knelt down on the dusty floor and took Alex's cock into her mouth. He let out a long groan, and a shiver ran down her spine. She bobbed her head up and down, her saliva making him slick and wet. Her tongue looped around his silky flesh, teasing him. She sucked him, licked him, loved the way his hands felt in her hair. The whole situation made her impossibly wet."

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