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Secret Affair

Divine Touch

Movie Madness

"During a lull I heard the unzipping of his trousers and taking my hand he placed it on his exposed cock, pressing my palm and fingers around it. I kept still at first, just squeezing. Oh, it felt so hard, and hot and powerful. In the dim light it took on a creamy sheen, a solid rod protruding upright from his lap. As I very slowly moved my hand up its length he groaned, a clenched teeth groan—it would not take much for him to come either."



"I want to have an affair. I want to lose myself in a torrid, illicit, filthy encounter with a handsome stranger. Wait. No. Make that a string of handsome strangers."


Going Down

"I began to rock back and forth upon his pelvis, my clit burning with anticipation each time it rubbed against his dampened flesh. He reached out to grab a hold of my hips, which were now moving at a furious pace. I leaned forward, burrowing my fingernails deep into the musculature of his chest. “Now say my name”, I growled, biting his lips as the first waves of orgasm began to wash over me."


Mrs. X

“He was a God. Deep tan skin, dark hair all over his chiseled body, powerful thighs, and all this mine. This body mine right now to fuck. His cock stood up straight against his stomach. That I hadn’t seen in some time. This was a cock that was thrilled to be young and strong and had no intention of wasting a second of its life. My mouth watered when I looked at it. The glistening head, the small bead of fluid running down the side onto a vein underneath. All this delicious."

Vanilla Dreams

Vanilla Dreams

"No one had ever kissed her belly before but Raoul left a trail of them in a sweeping curve from her chest down towards her abdomen. No one had ever kissed her between the legs before and instinctively she clapped her knees together as she suddenly realized what he was about to do. She could feel Raoul's warm breath on the soft V of flesh between her thighs and she closed her eyes. Was this about to happen?"



"I like sex. Rather I like the thought of sex. The idea. Two people coming together, the wilder, the better. Licking each other, kissing, rubbing, thrusting, biting. Yes, bring it on."


Summer Love: The Beach, A Cold Corona And A New Man

“Mmmmm,” a low growl began in the pit of my stomach and bubbled up from my throat, a throat that would have wanted to feel his cock in it if my pussy weren’t such a greedy little bitch, “make me come, Marq. Make me do it.”


The Plant On The Mantel

“How many times do you think they fucked in that room? How many times did he shove his hand up her skirt, did she rip the corset from her body feeling just like you do now, wanting that cock hard inside of her, taking her. How many times did he bend her over the back of the couch, rubbing her clit from behind? Did they fuck again that day after she was naked? Did she sit him down, stand in front of him in all her naked glory as he watched, reclaiming something that had always been hers but somehow been denied for so long?”


The Very Good Wife

"For the past five years I’ve felt only one cock, my husband’s, down there. But tonight a different one is going to touch me there, penetrate me there. I’ve never felt surges of anticipation like these before; they pass over me again and again in warm tingling waves."


Crab’n Choke Puppy

"If you haven’t already guessed, my greatest quandary is that I am in love with two men at the same time. This reality torments me daily, hourly, and when I am not busy, even by the second. Long ago, when my marriage was pristine, I was quite happy loving one man, so having two, confuses me. It mentally tortures me in a way that I have trouble managing."

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