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First Meeting, Final Destination

"I felt his fingers slip inside of me; his thumb nestled against my clit. My hips rose to meet his hand, our eyes on one another, an ancient rhythm with a new lover. I could smell my arousal, and my cheeks flamed."


My Darling Boy

"Once I even masturbated in my room, hoping he would accidentally walk in. I took my breasts out of my bra, and spread my legs wide opened, and touched myself, staring at my reflection in the mirror, wanting him to come in. I came so loudly, there is no way he could not have heard me cry for him."

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"When he fondled one nipple playfully, it instantly became erect. As she felt her knees go weak, she locked one knee around his thigh. He slid his two hands past her waist and hips, down the outside of her thighs, and hitched her legs up around his hips, noticing she had no underwear underneath her skirt."

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Bird Song

"He sat with his back against its trunk… looking up at his partner, his lover. She let the straps of her dress fall, shrugging it off and baring her breasts. She stopped to relish the look on his face for a moment, saving it to her memories."


True Stories: Long Road To Recovery

"Then he started to finger me... first 2 fingers, then 3. Stretching me wide, filling me completely. Since childbirth I found my want to have my cunt completely filled had gone through the roof, and soon hubby had four fingers inside and then his whole fist."

Sex On The Beach!

True Stories: Sex On The Beach

"Reaching down and taking a hold of my hardness you guided me into your cunt. Slowly I eased into the snug wet warmth, rolling forward, embracing as we went. Your eyes sought mine giving mute approval with their liquid gaze."


Welcome Home - Dedicated To My Lover

"His rigid cock was pulsing with anticipation. Kate thought that he was going to fill her hard and fast, but was surprised when he just rested the head of his cock against her wetly parted lips. His juices merged with hers forming a slippery lubricant, which allowed him to begin a sweet massage of her entire pussy region, using just his hard cock. Her newly naked flesh was so sensitive that she could feel every ridge and vein as he stroked between her legs."


Minority Affairs

"She held his head to her pussy and wrapped her sexy legs around his head. She was grinding on his mouth, using him, fucking his face. Noticing that she wasn’t saying much, he looked up only to see her sucking her own nipple."

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