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Dani's Wild Ride

"I entered the saloon through the hotel lobby entrance and headed towards a seat in the far corner. I’d barely taken two steps into the spacious hall before I felt the eyes of the male patrons (and more than likely a few of the females) roaming over my body. I knew they were imagining what my big tits, curvy hips, and long legs looked like without the impediment of clothing; how my bee-stung lips would feel sliding along their eager cocks or suckling the folds of their sweet pussy lips."



"He pulled her pants down over her butt. It carried her black cotton panties with it. His tongue traced the tiny butterfly tattoo on her right hip. Holding her gaze, he touched her sex. He lost the smile, his pupils dilating. Bringing his hand away, it was shining with her cream. "By God, you're wet."


Take A Gamble

"Jessie was ready to take everything he had to give. She wanted his seed against her tongue, anticipated that brief moment of total surrender when he ultimately came. God, she wanted this – him – forever if he would have her."


Unlawful Engagement

"He parted my pussy lips with his fingers and flicked his tongue against my now aching clitoris. Gently, at first, then with increasing pressure and speed. Every so often, he would let his tongue slip deep into my throbbing hole. It wasn’t long before I was bucking against his face, and begging him to fuck me."


Redneck Woman

"I come to her, and she helps me unhook my bra. My breasts are in her face now. She looks up at me, shy at first, and then caresses my breast with her cheek. Her gentle touch becomes a gentle kiss. Soon she takes my nipple into her mouth. I hear a zip from Preston’s chair and turn my head toward him. I grab Agatha’s tits while she sucks mine, and Preston’s hand is on his cock. I watch the rhythmic movement of his hand up and down his shaft as I kneel on the bed."


Without Words

"I pushed myself up onto my hands and knees and I felt him rubbing his cock against my wet slit. I couldn’t wait to feel him back inside me. I waited. His cock continued to rub against me, but no penetration. I could feel it bobbing and I could hear him panting lightly. Sweet fucking hell, he was masturbating against my pussy! This was one of the biggest turn-ons of my life."



"Inside my apartment, my coat fell to the floor as he pinned me against the door, our tongues blindly searching. His lips went down my neck, down my chest, and as far into my bra as it would allow. We embraced again and I could feel his cock bursting to get out of his Levis."

Hot Threesome

On The Prowl

"If the men were bothered by her suggestive behaviour, they didn’t show it. The three of them bounced to the music, bodies bumping and grinding against one another, hands groping and squeezing. The guys had obviously realised that a threesome was on the cards, and Blake’s hands had dipped between Jolene’s legs and were caressing her pussy through the fabric of her skirt. Meanwhile, Pete was busying himself with her breasts."


City Girl

"Travis’s jaw clenched, and I saw him reach for my wrist. My breath caught when he touched it, sliding my hand up himself to position it on the hard cock beneath his jeans. My pussy spilled over as our car rose and dipped on the platform, the speed decreasing until we came to a stop."



"We stand there kissing for what feels like blissful eternity; I slowly take his hand and slide it under my little black dress. His eyes light up as he expected the cold sensation of silk and received my bare, hot cunt, wide open and eager for his touch."

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