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Office Affair

Office Affair...

Office Negotiations

"Li Lin, what the fuck..." you splutter, as I reach for your zipper and begin undoing your pants. In spite of your shock, your cock is rock hard and as I tug at your clothing, it springs out inches from my face. You are bigger than I thought; that's a pleasant surprise. Any objections you have are stilled as my lips descend, taking the head of your cock into my mouth."

I Like A Little Bit Of Rough

The Maintenance Man

"This is what people meant when they said the words “exquisite pain.” His touch burned through my nipples and breasts and straight to my insides. I shuddered and was stunned to realize an orgasm was building. I'd never had an orgasm from having my breasts touched, although to be fair, no one had ever touched me like this before either. After a few minutes of delicious pain, I felt the waves beginning and shuddered from head to toe. Maintenance man pushed me onto the desk and leaned over me."


Suit And Tie

"The first thing he did wrong was to catch me playing with myself in the co-ed restroom in the suite. Okay, so I didn’t lock the door, but he’d just left for the health club and I wasn’t expecting any clients for quite some time. He didn’t even knock either, he just pushed the door open and there I was, standing in front of the mirror by the sink, my slacks and panties pushed down around my thighs, my blouse open, and my hands doing the usual coffee-break-quickie cha-cha with my clit and my nipples."

Vanilla Dreams

Vanilla Dreams

"No one had ever kissed her belly before but Raoul left a trail of them in a sweeping curve from her chest down towards her abdomen. No one had ever kissed her between the legs before and instinctively she clapped her knees together as she suddenly realized what he was about to do. She could feel Raoul's warm breath on the soft V of flesh between her thighs and she closed her eyes. Was this about to happen?"


Change Of Season

“I love my tits,” Genevieve said looking down and holding them in her tan hands. “All summer I’ve wanted you to touch them.” Her eyes lifted to Emilie’s. Outside the wind raged. “Will you?” she said soft and low."

Lang & Zoe - AFter hours

Watching Lois Perform

"He grabbed her by the shoulders and turned her round, bending her over the dining table, pressing her down onto it, his hands roaming over her exposed buttocks as if, suddenly, he couldn’t get enough of her. He kneaded her flesh, hauling her buttocks apart, his cock nudging into her swollen pussy. He grunted with primitive pleasure when her hungry cunt quickly gave way, sucking him in. He bent over her, sliding in, filling her to the hilt."


Office Confessions

"There is certainly something corrupt about sexual engagement with a married man. I have to admit that it was undoubtedly my most thrilling sexual encounter ever. The forbidden fruit has a delicious flavor and this serves as proper analogy because god, did he taste sweet spilling down my throat."


Controlling Bill

"Your pussy smells so good. Even better than I thought." When it was evident that my passion's nectar was flowing in abundance, Bill penetrated me with an almost embarrassing ease. Plunging and prodding most of one hand, he simultaneously pressed into my neck and inhaled deeply."


True Stories: Mixing Business & Pleasure

"As I knelt over Julie I could smell the musky scent of her pussy and I could wait no longer to taste her. I slid down between her legs and gently blew my hot breath across her wet pussy before running my tongue along her outer lips."

Kade & Joel - Alan

True Stories: Let's Do Lunch

"Kay was always very noisy when we fucked and this always turned me on in the past, but as I began to lick her pussy, she started to moan so loudly that I just knew someone was going to hear us."

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