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Office Affair

Lang & Zoe - AFter hours

Watching Lois Perform

"He grabbed her by the shoulders and turned her round, bending her over the dining table, pressing her down onto it, his hands roaming over her exposed buttocks as if, suddenly, he couldn’t get enough of her. He kneaded her flesh, hauling her buttocks apart, his cock nudging into her swollen pussy. He grunted with primitive pleasure when her hungry cunt quickly gave way, sucking him in. He bent over her, sliding in, filling her to the hilt."


Office Confessions

"There is certainly something corrupt about sexual engagement with a married man. I have to admit that it was undoubtedly my most thrilling sexual encounter ever. The forbidden fruit has a delicious flavor and this serves as proper analogy because god, did he taste sweet spilling down my throat."


Controlling Bill

"Your pussy smells so good. Even better than I thought." When it was evident that my passion's nectar was flowing in abundance, Bill penetrated me with an almost embarrassing ease. Plunging and prodding most of one hand, he simultaneously pressed into my neck and inhaled deeply."


True Stories: Mixing Business & Pleasure

"As I knelt over Julie I could smell the musky scent of her pussy and I could wait no longer to taste her. I slid down between her legs and gently blew my hot breath across her wet pussy before running my tongue along her outer lips."

Kade & Joel - Alan

True Stories: Let's Do Lunch

"Kay was always very noisy when we fucked and this always turned me on in the past, but as I began to lick her pussy, she started to moan so loudly that I just knew someone was going to hear us."


Bank Jobs

"Backed up to the bookcase he couldn’t move; she leaned in to kiss him. He didn’t return her kiss until she rubbed her fingers along his erection. He grabbed her by the ass, thrust his tongue into her mouth, and pushed his cloth-covered cock into her groin."



"The man to my left had grown a huge hard-on in his suit pants, and he had built a kind of little tent with his ballet program and coat to conceal it from his wife. With his right hand he was stroking his dick through his pants with the same rhythm that I was stroking my clitoris. And it was all in time to the music of the orchestra! There we were, two strangers, dancing a ballet of closest intimacy amid a crowd of strangers."


Looking After The Penny

"Penny turned to face the desk. She bent over and reached across it to grip the far edge. Her bottom swayed from side to side. David moved forward, his erect cock still protruding from his trousers. He took hold of her hips. His cock brushed against her waiting pussy."

Naked ambition.JPG

Screwing The Boss

"He removed his hand from Kelly’s soaking wet hole with ease, and in one fluid motion, entered her. They both moaned at the sensation, he of wet warmth, she of being filled."

Daria And Guy - Sly

The First Time

"Instinctively, he knew I would allow him to do things that his wife would never try. He pulled me to my feet, and kissed me again, this time lifting off my shirt and flinging it over the couch.  He quickly unhooked my bra and wrapped his mouth around my tits, while yanking off my skirt with his free hand.  He wasted no time sliding his hand inside my panties and massaging my clit, as I felt myself getting wetter with each touch."

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