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Naughty Teacher



“The charade. The rigidity. The tough control. When really, you’re this secret, wanton woman who literally melts at the touch of my hand.” He rubbed himself against her bare leg. The urge to feel and taste him collided as her vision grew spotty and her face numb. “Such a wild woman, longing all day to break free.”


After School Special

""Bad, bad, BAD girl" he finished speaking but continued spanking her until her bottom was a nice warm shade of red and her skin was firey. Stacey moaned and could feel her pussy lips swelling and opening, despite the fact that her panties held her thighs tightly closed."

The Invitation

Yes, Sir

"I bent over the desk I was now facing. My clit was throbbing and my heart was pounding. “Ass up, Sylvia, there’s a good girl,” he said. I lifted my ass as far up as I could. Very gently, he pulled my thong down and I stepped out of it. “Let’s get rid of this.”


Weird Sisters

"I stood up, ready for my ecstatic sacrifice. My skin reddened, flashing hotter and hotter. Quick sweat glazed it. My pussy throbbed, my mouth ached, my breasts felt so heavy with desire. Tulio pressed his body into mine. He ran his hands along my ribs and his thumbs roughly over my hardened nipples. I shivered, so turned on already. I can almost cum from anticipation, from danger, from this insatiable sexual hunger God blessed and cursed me with."



"Slowly, carefully, she kicked off her sandals, her jeans, and her panties. Then she knelt down on the dusty floor and took Alex's cock into her mouth. He let out a long groan, and a shiver ran down her spine. She bobbed her head up and down, her saliva making him slick and wet. Her tongue looped around his silky flesh, teasing him. She sucked him, licked him, loved the way his hands felt in her hair. The whole situation made her impossibly wet."

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