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Joy Of Sex

Double Vision

Double Vision

"He noticed her head was turned to the side the whole time, watching them fucking. Her eyes roamed from her own face, to his, to her bouncing breasts and to where his cock kept disappearing inside her. She began pushing back against him, spurring him to go faster and faster."


A Close Shave

“I release him and hop on to the bed. I get on all fours, then lower my chest to the bed. My ass is high in the air, giving him full view of his handywork. He works his fingers over me, feeling every freshly shorn crease then places his mouth on me, instantly triggering an orgasm. Kissing me and licking, flicking his tongue against my clit. I squirm and squeak as his fingers part my lips and he kisses me so hard that I’m coming over and over."

Intimate Moments

Making Bad Porn Good

"Lisa gasped as Chad’s rough tongue swirled around her clit. She grabbed a handful of his hair and held him there. Her body quaked for what seemed like a minute, but she knew was only a few seconds. He spread her open with two fingers so he could flatten his tongue on her clit. He held it with his tongue for a moment, looking up her body to watch her squirm."

High School Sweethearts

High School Sweethearts

"She grabbed my hand and forced it into the front of her panties, just like in my fantasy. I was stunned. This stuff never happened to guys in real life. Never! And yet there I was, wiggling my fingers inside of the hottest, wettest and softest pool I would ever have imagined. My hips rocked uncontrollably now, slamming against her as my fingers pushed up inside of her, hitting her g-spot with very little effort."


Ooh - It's Ice Cream!

"“What the fu…?!” is as far as I get before he takes my clit in his mouth again and starts heating it up. Kissing and sucking, the very cold then the very hot playing sexual havoc with my most sensitive flesh. His knuckles press my folds together as he continues his work. Two fingers fuck me while he licks and sucks me towards the end game."


Happy Homecoming

"Tess was torn. Part of her wanted the foreplay to go on forever, but another part of her was desperate to feel Aidan’s thick cock parting her pussy lips and sliding home. The mere thought of it sent a jolt to her cunt, and, hardly knowing what she was doing, she put a hand on the top of Aidan’s head and pushed it southward."



"That is dirty. Like an animal. I must clean you there very well.” He picked up the washcloth, draped it over his fingers and pressed it between my pussy lips. His movements were subtle--firm, slow circles over my clit--but the flesh there was already swollen and sore from the earlier fucking. I had to grit my teeth to bear it, but I also found myself pushing into his hand with small rocking motions to intensify the sensation."


Friends or Lovers?

"This is why she stayed. This is why the relationship continued. Sex. Her weakness when it came to him. Because he fucked her hard and rough, spanked her ass, ate wicked pussy and had no problem trying anything at least once."


On The Farm

"I thought he was going to fuck her right there and then, but Jade quickly dropped on to her knees in the grass and took his thick dick in her hand, examining it with hunger, before bringing it slowly to her lips and running her tongue over the tip and down along the shaft. She opened her mouth and slid it inside, deeply, moving her entire body forward so she could completely consume him."


The Best Pain I've Ever Felt

"Oh," I sigh, as he pushes his two fingers in, pressing against the inside of me, feeling the muscle contract and expand, trembling and squeezing and releasing. I grind further into him, our lips meet and the light in my body burns brighter, harder, his tongue is wet and warm, my cunt is wet and hot."

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