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Joy Of Sex


The Best Pain I've Ever Felt

"Oh," I sigh, as he pushes his two fingers in, pressing against the inside of me, feeling the muscle contract and expand, trembling and squeezing and releasing. I grind further into him, our lips meet and the light in my body burns brighter, harder, his tongue is wet and warm, my cunt is wet and hot."


A Gift From Scotland

“You’ve not got on any panties.” From the way his breathing quickened I sensed he did not mind. I turned to face him, his eyes taking it all in as I moved toward him."


Birthday Wish

"Aimee had just eaten her pussy and given her the best orgasm--no more than that. She had taken Karen to a level of pleasure and ecstasy she hadn't known existed before."



"They met as one—
Two bodies pounding against each other
Forcing themselves together
In a grinding of
Sweat and pulsating"


Anything You Want

"Kneeling naked between my legs, he leaned over and kissed me deeply, one hand fondling my breast. Sitting back, his hand went to his magnificent erection. Stroking it slowly with one hand, he rubbed the head between my pussy lips, teasing at my entrance, rubbing over my still-throbbing clit."

Bree & James!!

Aural Sex

“I want you to plunge all four fingers inside me, your thumb on my clit at the same time, your face pressed right up against mine, your breath as my breath, my desire as your desire, and I want you to embody me, inhabit me, don’t just let me come or make me come...”


What To Wear

"Now, more deeply, with the most sensitive part of my body…just once…" I watched his full cock approach my vulva, the helmeted head just touching the zone which wanted to swallow it whole! He pushed against me just enough for the tip to fill the opening, parting my pussy lips enough to make a little indentation, like a grape on custard."


My Darling Boy

"Once I even masturbated in my room, hoping he would accidentally walk in. I took my breasts out of my bra, and spread my legs wide opened, and touched myself, staring at my reflection in the mirror, wanting him to come in. I came so loudly, there is no way he could not have heard me cry for him."

shadow thrust.jpg

Buckle Down

"His fingers have penetrated and he’s painting my pussy lips with my own juices. He’s licking and thrusting and I’m trying so hard to not move—to behave—that I wonder if I will simply pass out from oxygen deprivation."


The Release

"He looks down and growls. "God baby, you are so damn hot." He glances over at the brunette and almost cums immediately as he sees her bury her face in his lover’s pussy, moaning, fingering his lover fast and hard while sucking her clit. It is obvious they are both lost in the moment, swept away by the ecstasy, consumed by pleasure."

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