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Intimate Encounters


The Best Pain I've Ever Felt

"Oh," I sigh, as he pushes his two fingers in, pressing against the inside of me, feeling the muscle contract and expand, trembling and squeezing and releasing. I grind further into him, our lips meet and the light in my body burns brighter, harder, his tongue is wet and warm, my cunt is wet and hot."


Birthday Wish

"Aimee had just eaten her pussy and given her the best orgasm--no more than that. She had taken Karen to a level of pleasure and ecstasy she hadn't known existed before."

Tumblr Ride Hard.gif

In The Land Of Nod

"In the madness, I do my best not to bite you, but just when I’m about to explode, you push me off. “Come baby. Fuck me now.” Somehow, we’ve slid into the middle of the bed, and somehow we are both completely naked, but you’re still on your back, flag-poled and ready. It wouldn’t surprise me if your cock could twirl in circles. Like my very own carnival ride, it can do almost anything."



"A thousand times I've crushed his face to my breast. A thousand times he's caused my breath to quicken and my body to ripple with the most intense pleasure. Even as I write this, I can feel his warm mouth locked around some part of me, sucking the orgasms out of me."

Kaylee & Kyle - Nursed


"Smirking at it, Lucy whispered at him in a dirty rasp, ‘You know, us nurses see everything in here. And I’ll confess to you now Josh, that when a patient is unconscious, and one of us see’s something nice, we call the other girls in. When you came back from your first procedure, sleeping like a baby, we all got called in to look at your dick.’

French Maid

Something Old, Something New

"She thought about touching herself. Her nipples were hard and her clit was begging for something, anything, preferably a release. She considered, but didn’t do it. The anticipation was too delicious. She wanted to come while Ken fucked her. She wanted to come while she was wearing all of those pretty things. She wasn’t going to take them off while they did it."



"I let out a moan
the gentle curve of your spine
beneath my fingers"

Daria And Guy - Long Distance

Not Until I Say So

“It does. Fuck, it hurts so bad…like it’s going to explode. I gotta get it in you. Please baby. Let me fuck you.” And all the while, he continued to stroke and squeeze his penis. She could see a drop of precum oozing from its tip and rolling down the underside of his shaft. This pleased her."


Beautiful, Filthy Strangers

"Thank god, I silently prayed, as I sensed that he was about to fuck me. Oh god, I want him so badly. All I could think about was the feel of his cock pressed deep inside of me. I was in an incredibly vulnerable position, with a man that I really didn’t know; a man whom I was sure hadn’t even told me his real name. It was the sexiest damn thing I’d ever experienced, full of illicit, dangerous tension. It was wrong and filthy and I loved it."

Brad & Dana!

True Story - A Walk In The Park

"I guess I may have looked like a doe in the headlights, and I laughed with nervousness, his thick meat jumping at my touch, so warm. I inspected him, marvelling at the hardness, a little grossed out with all the veins protruding. The thick mushroom shaped cap was a strange sight and I couldn’t help but wonder how in the world it would ever fit inside me."

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