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Dani's Wild Ride

"I entered the saloon through the hotel lobby entrance and headed towards a seat in the far corner. I’d barely taken two steps into the spacious hall before I felt the eyes of the male patrons (and more than likely a few of the females) roaming over my body. I knew they were imagining what my big tits, curvy hips, and long legs looked like without the impediment of clothing; how my bee-stung lips would feel sliding along their eager cocks or suckling the folds of their sweet pussy lips."


See Emily Play

"Emily waited. She did not feel fear, only a nervousness mixed with a desiring ache of an extremity she had never felt before. It was like she was to be fucked by the potency of nature itself. Her pussy was moist, the nectar of female desire dampening like dew her thick blonde pubes. She felt so horny she needed to touch herself but her arms were tied to the pole."



"How dare they think I could be so easily snared! What was I? Some whore they could just use any way they wanted?! I was mad…I was angry……I was so fucking horny…I was swimming with butterflies…then I realised, I was in control."

Angelina, Tristan and Ricardo - Threesome

Three's A Crowd I Like

"Dave wasted no time. He knelt down in front of her, pushed her legs back over the armrests and guided his dick to her pussy. Marc's cum was oozing out of her already and added to the puddle of her own juices under her ass. "Ready?" he asked gently, trying to keep the urgency out of his voice and succeeding only partially."

Rugged Ride

True Stories - We Met At The Club

"I cried out that the bed was too soft and I asked to lie down on the carpet. Ty was eager to oblige and we resumed our positions. Ah, much better! He was able to resist my downwards motion better and I was able to slam down onto him harder. I would stop my up and down motion to grind myself back and forth. I was getting wet just watching his face as I changed rhythms and directions."


My Craigslist Hookup

"Suddenly, his kisses become more commanding, and I feel compelled to move down onto my knees between his legs. I slide his cock out of his pants, and into my warm, waiting mouth. He smells and tastes so fucking good: his skin, his cock, his pre-cum. I am getting so wet just taking him further and further into my mouth and down my throat."


Rough Sex

"I can just feel the tip of your cock against my swollen pussy, and I push my hips back, trying to pull you into me, but you hold me firmly in place. You tease in and out, just barely inside me...an inch, then back out, with your thumb pressing into me, also teasing."



"He saw it all in his mind, vividly, opening the door, his already swollen cock rubbing against that amazingly fine ass, cupping his hands around her breasts, his fingers gently massaging her nipples. He imagined her turning to him, the coarseness of her dirty blonde bush brushing against his cock, her eyes looking up into his and taking him in her hands, working him to an even more engorged state."


The New Girlfriend

“Look up! Look at the camera!” she commands. Stefan clicks away for as long as he can, but soon shudders overtake him, and he releases his orgasm down my throat. Jane is not pleased. She wanted to watch. She wanted him to come on my face. She wanted more pictures. Ready to get even, she demands he fetch her “little black bag.”


The Corner

"His tongue entered me again, its rotation wound me up like a mechanical doll, twisted into a state of suspended animation, waiting for him to release me into a state of what, I could not imagine. In this new territory, I had no frame of referential pleasure. I just knew I wanted what was to come, on his terms or mine."

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