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Female Ejaculation


What You Wear

"Weird maybe, but it worked like a charm. She's gotten out of the habit of doing herself, delaying her pleasure for when Hank was in the mood, then just, delaying her pleasure. Fucking herself had given her renewed energy the last couple days and she wanted to burn it off productively instead of dripping and milking and cumming on Hank's toys. Wanted to feel her own hand on her own cunt."


The Workout

“Hold still!” She took her time exploring my cunt, alternating between rough and soft touches, gently blowing on my clit one minute, then tugging on my lips the next. Then she started fingering me. “You’re nice and tight,” she whispered. “That must mean Rick over there isn’t that big.” Rick strangled back a protest and I giggled, only to cry out as she worked four fingers – then her whole hand – into my hole."


Talking About Squirting Orgasms

"The first time I ejaculated I, was horrifically embarrassed at having made such a mess, and yet, it felt so good and I didn’t want it to stop!"


My Craigslist Hookup

"Suddenly, his kisses become more commanding, and I feel compelled to move down onto my knees between his legs. I slide his cock out of his pants, and into my warm, waiting mouth. He smells and tastes so fucking good: his skin, his cock, his pre-cum. I am getting so wet just taking him further and further into my mouth and down my throat."

For The Girls = Squirt

A Wink And A Squirt

"As he rams me with his fingers, something feels different. More intense. Maybe a different part of my vagina is being stimulated. I can almost feel it in my stomach. My legs start to shake. A weird sound comes out of me, like a squeal, comparable to that of a pig. And then I start panting. My mouth is dry. My pussy clenches around his fingers like the Jaws of Life. He stops. I collapse under him. He gives me a couple of minutes to catch my breath."

The Prisoner

No Strings Attached

"Beginning a slow finger fuck, I gradually ramped up the pace, adding a third finger, then a fourth. I loved the feeling of my pussy being stretched to the limit, the friction, the heat. My head rolled back, mouth agape, moans of intense pleasure bellowing forth uncontrolled. With legs still spread wide and my feet on the window sill, my body rocked and spasmed as the most intense orgasm of my life struck me like a million volts of electricity. Quim squirted out over my hand, the pressure release incredible."

Envy And Samson - Wall

Tools Of The Trade


"I grabbed the glass of wine, poured some on her ass, and watched the clear red liquid roll down between her ass cheeks and mix with her own juice. She cried out with desire, but she didn’t say anything."

Ride 'em high

Exploring Female Ejaculation

"What I’m talking about here is mastering the physical elements that happen involuntarily inside your body while you’re having an orgasm. The better you are at taping into them the better orgasms you will have. And who doesn’t want a full body orgasm, the kind that blows your mind?"

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