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Vanilla Dreams

Vanilla Dreams

"No one had ever kissed her belly before but Raoul left a trail of them in a sweeping curve from her chest down towards her abdomen. No one had ever kissed her between the legs before and instinctively she clapped her knees together as she suddenly realized what he was about to do. She could feel Raoul's warm breath on the soft V of flesh between her thighs and she closed her eyes. Was this about to happen?"


Reflection on That Rainy Afternoon in Paradise

By Gigi

"I was breathing heavily and my heart was pounding in my chest. Pleasure had overwhelmed my initial embarrassment. I started gently moving my fingers up and over and around my clitoris. As I did I could see Kurt’s soft blue-gray eyes gazing at me and imagined that it was he touching me just as he had touched me those months ago - just as I was now touching myself. And the feeling was just about as immensely intense!"


Just Another Rainy Afternoon In Paradise

By Gigi

"But then he returned. Or so I thought. Instead there was Roger. My husband Roger, of whom I had been totally oblivious and who had been watching while I was lost in this explosive orgasm brought on by another man, had now replaced Kurt between my waiting thighs and in a matter of seconds he too had slid his engorged penis deep within my still quivering body."



“Fuck me Simon. Please. Please.” I detected an almost whiny quality to my voice. I was pleading with him, begging to be fucked. I wanted to feel his cock pressing against my cervix and hear his hips slamming against my pussy and ass. I wanted him to grasp onto my hips for leverage and fuck me harder than I’ve ever been fucked. I was so ravenous for him that it seemed nearly impossible to get in deep enough or slam against me hard enough."


Chasing Rainbows

"Since you’re begging me, I take my cock in hand and slide it between your glistening lips, up and down the rounded curve of your sex, teasing your swollen clit with the head of my rigid organ. Unable to maintain control any longer, I lower my body down onto yours, plunging my hard cock inside as deep as it can go, then ever so slowly, back out. In and out, in and out…”


Anything You Want

"Kneeling naked between my legs, he leaned over and kissed me deeply, one hand fondling my breast. Sitting back, his hand went to his magnificent erection. Stroking it slowly with one hand, he rubbed the head between my pussy lips, teasing at my entrance, rubbing over my still-throbbing clit."

Bree & James!

Secret Caresses

"Her legs were parted, spread as far apart as they would go. He had insisted on licking her through her underwear. The strip of satin between her legs was soaking wet, and now his tongue was pushing the thin black band aside. An instinctive cry surged from her throat at the first contact of his tongue against her most intimate flesh."


Swimming Through Apologies

"Her swollen clit explodes as she comes, too readily divulging her combination as its blast radius extends to her toes. Her orgasm stands his hair on end as it invades the very air around her, sets it shimmering like heat rising from a sun-baked road. Her caress, moist now with his pre-coital fluid, quickens along his shaft."


John Updike Made Me Do It

"I’m not exactly sure who actually made the first move, but things progressed quickly from there. Before I knew it, Jurgen bent to kiss Jill, murmuring something softly in German. Katharina took Nick’s hand and guided it to her breast, her eyes hooded in lust. This time my husband did not resist the dare. He circled the large nipple with his fingertip then bent to kiss it."


This Is Not A Love Letter

"My mind swims with thoughts of your head between my legs and me coming against your tongue while your fingers are buried inside me, locking me to you. My mouth is dry, my panties wet. I can't concentrate on anything but how badly I want you."

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