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Sex On The Beach - The Island

Music In The Dunes

"Suddenly, Marc guided her onto all fours, slipped behind her, and drove his cock into her from behind. He leaned forward, cupping her breast between one of his hands and pinching her nipple firmly, and whispered in her ear "Do you like this baby? Does being watched excite you?"


Lost In Translation

"But before I can protest or take hold of him again, he slides his hand, his strong, sure fingers, back down. Inside my panties, parting my slit, two bold fingers slip down the length of me, then roughly, heavily back up, and again partway down, settling this time on my sweet spot, pressing against the nub of my rapidly sensitizing clit."


Summer Love: The Beach, A Cold Corona And A New Man

“Mmmmm,” a low growl began in the pit of my stomach and bubbled up from my throat, a throat that would have wanted to feel his cock in it if my pussy weren’t such a greedy little bitch, “make me come, Marq. Make me do it.”


An American In Paris

"My own hand was acting out the events I was watching. Two fingers curled into my tight, wet cunt and my thumb was rubbing hard at my erect clit. With my other hand I transferred my pussy juice to my nipples. I knew I would come soon, but I wanted to watch the bastard and his whore reach their peak first."

wet fun.jpg

Graduation Vacation

"Moving quickly, he pulled back the side of my panties to reveal my swollen pussy, which he fingered deftly, moving slowly, then faster as we slipped into a rhythm and my legs spread involuntarily. Working my clit with one finger, he moved another finger over and into me, slipping it in and out as I struggled to stay upright."


The Goddess And Her Man

"They surrendered to one other. Andre entered her with gusto. His cock had a mission but he continued with slow, deep thrusts and listened to her moans. She sensed he tried to decipher the meaning of her moans by the way he paced his movements with her rocking hips. He let her guide him. Salty sweat from his forehead dropped down his face into Maria's parted lips. "More!" she begged."


Better Than Brazil

"The orgasm slammed into her. When she would have told him to stop, when she would have said she was too sensitive to take any more, she couldn’t speak. His teeth settled lightly on her clit and his tongue flicked it back and forth, fast and then faster. He slipped a hand down her thigh and one finger deep into her pussy. Long thrusts, in and out. He licked her faster and sometimes harder, and finally with a light touch that sent her over the edge one more time. She screamed, and he groaned in approval."


Havana's Fuck Slave

"Angelina moved the chair to face him and sprawled herself in as sexy of a position as she could. Bare breasted, shimmering with sweat, her necklace danced between her cleavage when she leaned back on the arm rest, right arm extended on the back of the chair, one leg draped over the other arm rest and the other leg lengthened out to her side. Only her black panty hid what she knew he came for."


Spicy Love

"He pushed his cock so hard against me that it actually hurt yet I didn’t want him to stop. As Fidelio’s hands descended along my waist toward my thighs, Danny’s hands took his place cupping my breasts. He reached into my dress and pulled at my engorged nipples, causing me to squeal. His touch was far rougher than usual. I didn’t know if it was the result of his enormous passion, or punishment for allowing Fidelio to touch me, but I didn’t care."

The Italian Villa

The Italian Villa

"Before Helena could take a breath, Antonio exchanged places with the other man who had just climaxed with Helena and thrust his own hardness inside. She could bear no more and begged for a rest, but Antonio refused and continued with fierce passion. Helena's pussy was still wet, burning, and confused between wanting more and wanting it to end."

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