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Fantasy Football

"Yet, this anticipation felt like my first time all over again. The first time a boy ever shoved his tongue down my throat and let his hands roam my young, inexperienced body. The first time I felt the rush of sensation between my thighs as I experienced the merciless waves of an orgasm."

Renato & Veronica - Monday


"He didn't need to tell me what he wanted. I pulled myself up and dropped to my knees before him, taking his thick shaft deep into my mouth. He grabbed my head and pumped away. I sucked on his hot cock and rubbed my tongue against his velvety bell-end, tasting the sticky pre-cum there. After several hard thrusts he started to moan and pulled himself back out of my mouth."

The Prisoner


"I lifted one foot and placed it on the window sill, revealing myself to the world outside, and began to thrust three fingers into my dripping cunt while still squeezing a breast above. I was lost in ecstasy, bucking my hips furiously as the first climax hit, then the second, I rolled my head back and let go a primal scream of release. The thought of being watched as I pleasured myself was driving me crazy."

Scene Stealer

A Private Show

"I keep that picture in my mind's eye as I work fingers slowly over my clit, flicking up along my cunt lips and tickling at the entrance. That always drives me crazy, and I am so wet it is unbareable."

Sex On The Beach - The Island

Music In The Dunes

"Suddenly, Marc guided her onto all fours, slipped behind her, and drove his cock into her from behind. He leaned forward, cupping her breast between one of his hands and pinching her nipple firmly, and whispered in her ear "Do you like this baby? Does being watched excite you?"

The Voyeur.jpg


"Having sex is something you feel, not something you see, and when you see sex, it’s other people. But the thought of seeing myself intrigued me. Would I look sexy and confident or just awkward and silly? I had tried to imagine it, and always assumed that one day I would get to see myself on film, but the years were going by, and it still hadn't happened."

The Prisoner


"Please," I begged, filled with a wanting that I'd never felt before, "Please, I want your cock inside me. Please, would you just fuck me!"

Poor Boy.jpg

Poor Boy

“Georgie, does your wife do this, does she masturbate in front of you? Does she let you watch while she fondles herself, while she touches her pussy? Have you ever asked her to bring herself to a climax in front of you?”


Picking the Players for the After- Hours Fetishist’s Club

"Exotic dancers do not equal sex for pay. Larry's Lounge is explicit on that point. But if Mona and her cohorts want to drum up some after hours work all on their own—well, the entrepreneurial spirit is what makes America great."


A First Time For Everything

"He does not move so I simply push back against him. He is suddenly inside me. It does not hurt at all really, it is just unusual, that's all. Different. The feeling of total submissiveness, the lack of control, the total giving to his wishes makes me feel very humble and close to him. I want him to know that I am his, to do with whatever he wishes."

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