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Erotic Lactation


What You Wear

"Weird maybe, but it worked like a charm. She's gotten out of the habit of doing herself, delaying her pleasure for when Hank was in the mood, then just, delaying her pleasure. Fucking herself had given her renewed energy the last couple days and she wanted to burn it off productively instead of dripping and milking and cumming on Hank's toys. Wanted to feel her own hand on her own cunt."


Drink Up

"He let go and launched himself over, not opening his eyes, not breaking the bond between their bodies for more than an instant. He mewed and burbled as her full right breast sprayed into his mouth at the touch of his tongue. He pinched her left nipple hard, and Kate gasped, reaching up her hands to pull his head even closer to her. He settled in for a long, rocking suckle, his right hand drifting now down to the bulging crotch of his suit pants."

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