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Dirty Talk

Erotic Exploration

Anger Management

“Kneel” I snarl, grabbing his hair and pushing him down into a kneeling position. I spread my legs, put one foot on a feature in the hallway, and push his face into my already wet pussy."

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Long Distance Lust

“I need to fuck you right now,” he growled against my ear and I dug my nails into his wrist. I turned around to face him. “Not on this shuttle. We need to find somewhere.” I nodded instantly in agreement, the prospect of fucking in a pretty public place arousing for so many reasons."

Poor Boy.jpg

Poor Boy

“Georgie, does your wife do this, does she masturbate in front of you? Does she let you watch while she fondles herself, while she touches her pussy? Have you ever asked her to bring herself to a climax in front of you?”


Secret Agent

"She moaned softly, her head going back. “I want your big, hard cock in me…” His fingers slid further, the heat of them touching the softness of her belly. “Fucking me…” His hand pressed harder and she heard his sharp intake of breath. “Fucking my hot, wet, little cunt…”


Call Me

“When I got them nice and hard, they started taking turns on me.” She’s breathing so fast now, she has to make this quick. “First Daryl picked me up from behind, put his hands behind my knees and spread my legs wide so Jack could fuck me standing up. Oh baby, it felt so good to have him in me.”

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Turning The Tables

"I gasped as he penetrated me, allowing no foreplay that surely would have prepared me to accommodate his thickness. He wrapped the entire length of my hair around his fists and used it for leverage as he vigorously slammed into me over and over again, my soft cries now piercing the silence."

Daria And Guy - Long Distance

In Absentia

"I sense an urgency, as if you are losing control, then I lose control, and I no longer know if it is your cock in my pussy or your cock in my asshole and I open my mouth and wish for something, anything, your fingers, your cock, a gag, in my mouth, so you are filling everything that needs to be filled."



“I can’t wait to taste…” he whispers, picking up where she left off. “You’re so anxious for it that you are trembling as I open my mouth on your peachy, soft pussy. Can you feel it, baby? Can you feel my tongue licking and sucking your clit?”


Dress Me Up

"Bet you want to touch yourself," she croons. She slides one hand down his belly, feeling the shift of skin and muscle, the tension. She lets her hips slide back, almost out of him, and then back in, reveling in the smoothness of the fuck, the way he strains against her but doesn't fight it. "Bet you'd beg to have me touch you. Touch that pretty, hungry cock of yours."

Delicious Sin

The Proper Care And Feeding Of A Wife

"He hovered over me and started jacking off. He was so close to coming that I could see it in his face. When I finally felt the hot streams of his come on my chest, I closed my eyes just in time to feel one of the spurts hit my cheek. I cried out, and played with my clit even harder."

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