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"Greedily, she pulled it toward her, widening her legs, searching for more. Next to her, she could hear her husband’s quickened breath and knew immediately that his hand held his own cock in an undeniable response to the image before him."



"I lifted each foot and slipped out of my shoes so he could easily take them right off. I was standing completely nude in front of my hubby’s best friend, while my hubby watched. My pussy was only three or four inches from Peter’s face."

For The Girls - Rebel Girl

Maggie's Fulfillment

"He was kneeling near us, stroking his own stiff dick. I went back and forth between them, taking turns sucking their cocks and applying the lube and licking it off. I was in heaven! Two gorgeous guys at the same time. My biggest fantasy fulfilled."


Just Another Rainy Afternoon In Paradise

By Gigi

"But then he returned. Or so I thought. Instead there was Roger. My husband Roger, of whom I had been totally oblivious and who had been watching while I was lost in this explosive orgasm brought on by another man, had now replaced Kurt between my waiting thighs and in a matter of seconds he too had slid his engorged penis deep within my still quivering body."


The Vacation

“So he’s bothering me all the time, ‘Hey, Lauren, is there anyone you wanna fuck? I wanna watch you fuck someone.’ ” She giggled, “Bastard that he is. Anyway, I’m not fucking any men. That is just a rule for me. I let him do what he wants but I just don’t feel like I want to, you know what I mean?”

Poor Boy.jpg

Poor Boy

“Georgie, does your wife do this, does she masturbate in front of you? Does she let you watch while she fondles herself, while she touches her pussy? Have you ever asked her to bring herself to a climax in front of you?”



“Fuck another man? In front of you? I think you want me to, Grant. Maybe you just don’t know it yet” Unbuttoning her blouse, she moved to him, a foreign intensity pulling them together. His eyes narrowed and closed as she stood on her tippy toes and whispered in his ear, “I’m going to fuck him in just the nastiest way, Grant.” She moved around in front of him, dropping her blouse and unfastening her black bra. “I really hope you like it,” she said with cotton candy innocence.



"On her school-girl chair, she was the center of delicious attention. These foreign men, got down to the business of learning her body with patient zeal. And while her pussy burned to be filled, she was left to ache and want. Though hands brushed across her clit with maddening regularity, they dutifully avoided her swollen sex."


Last Drinks

"He dropped to his knees between the spread legs of my wife, and carefully removed her lower coverings. Louise was not wearing any underwear, and her gorgeous pussy was revealed immediately. I reached my hands around and pulled Louises’ top up and over her head, flinging it across the room. Momentarily I could sense her vulnerability…here she was naked in front of someone who up until only a few days ago had been a stranger."


Bosom Pals

"Looking up for a minute I could see Michael suspended in the doorway watching another girl suck his wife’s tits."

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