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One Night In Paris


Society's lust for everything celebrity went into overdrive when the notorious Paris Hilton sex tape was leaked. Here was this beautiful young woman we saw almost daily in the magazines or on television sucking cock and getting fucked right before our eyes, for real. It just didn't compute, but pretty much every guy with an internet connection has seen it and so to have many girls. I've held out until recently, but I'm glad I decided to take the plunge...

Paris Hilton is famous for...what exactly? She was on a successful show called The Simple Life, she had a song which briefly enjoyed some playtime, she is a socialite (whatever that is). But now she is guaranteed immortality! And wouldn't her parents be so proud.

But anyway, on to the video. The film reached circulation in 2004 and featured a then nineteen-year-old Paris getting naked-cosy with her one time boyfriend Rick Saloman, the snake who apparently made this experience possible for everyone. One Night In Paris swept the online world and eventually fell in to the hands of Red Light District who created the DVD. The brief scene introductions by Saloman annoyed the fuck out of me, but soldier on we must.

So we find ourselves in a hotel suite, where a playful Paris gets naked and engages in some mindless chit-chat with Saloman which is kind of cute and bizarrely intimate. This really bought out the voyeur in me, I have to admit. I LOVED the completely amateur feel of this, because simply it is a home video, with no slick production values at all. It is what it is and that's what makes it great.

Paris reveals herself as a beautiful, almost vulnerable, regular young woman with a natural body and a hearty sexual appetite. She gives amazing head, no doubt about it. You can see she takes pride in her performance, and when Saloman returns the favor by devouring her pussy she sits back in a lounge chair and essentially basks in the pleasure. All very nice looking material; again, these aren't actors, they are real people (for the most part!) just having sex the same as most of us would, which is another large part of the appeal. No overacting, no screams of fake orgasmic bliss, no cheesy soundtrack, no bouncing surgically enhanced mega-breasts. This is as real as if you were peaking in through a bedroom window.

The sex isn't off the chart mind blowing (they work through missionary and doggy), and frankly Paris seems to be more into the camera than Saloman, but that's okay. And when she breaks off to answer her phone mid-fuck I almost lost my lunch laughing so hard. The night vision creates a weird effect, but it looks great, and I loved Paris topless in the bathroom. I have smaller boobs as well so the fact she hasn't gone for the plastic surgery, despite her wealth and being in the public eye (placing herself there of course!) is something I really appreciate. She has sweet perky breasts.

It is raw, it is uncensored, it is like you were there in the room. I actually really enjoyed the experience; I wouldn't buy it on DVD to be honest, but I definitely recommend viewing it in TEW's XXX Theater. Just for the sheer kick of seeing Paris as only a few, well, maybe a shitload more than that actually, have seen her. Naked and in action. Saloman really is a questionable character for letting this video see the light of day, and I question myself for actually watching this (momentarily), but if you haven't seen it, even for novelty's sake, check it out. It's a voyeurs wet dream!

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