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"The rosy crown of his cock brushed my cunt and I sighed. He hovered there just at the opening as a maddening pulse of desire worked through me. My clit thumping so hard it was nearly painful."


See Emily Play

"Emily waited. She did not feel fear, only a nervousness mixed with a desiring ache of an extremity she had never felt before. It was like she was to be fucked by the potency of nature itself. Her pussy was moist, the nectar of female desire dampening like dew her thick blonde pubes. She felt so horny she needed to touch herself but her arms were tied to the pole."


The Wolf

"The repositioning of my body caused my slick pussy to slide against his cock and he nestled it between my raw, ravenous labia and my ass. It was all I could do to maintain my control. I wanted to start fucking him until I had completely spent myself up, but I had so many tricks yet to play on my prey."



"He pulled her pants down over her butt. It carried her black cotton panties with it. His tongue traced the tiny butterfly tattoo on her right hip. Holding her gaze, he touched her sex. He lost the smile, his pupils dilating. Bringing his hand away, it was shining with her cream. "By God, you're wet."


First Meeting, Final Destination

"I felt his fingers slip inside of me; his thumb nestled against my clit. My hips rose to meet his hand, our eyes on one another, an ancient rhythm with a new lover. I could smell my arousal, and my cheeks flamed."


Spring Break

“I lick ass. I eat pussy. You give me twenty dollar. I fuck you back door, then come in your mouth. OK? Sounds good?”


Slow Moving Haze

"Knowing my body as well as he does, he plays it like a well tuned instrument, and for his pleasure as well as mine. He teases, thrusting into me until he feels me clench him tightly inside me and then he stops. Just short of another orgasm for me. This happens 3 or 4 times but I don't want him to stop teasing. I know and so does he, at some point I will dig my nails into him and demand more."


First Time To Remember

"I started from the base and once I reached the head, I parted my lips a little and pushed it against my mouth. My left hand cupped his tight balls and gently rolled them. I parted my lips and moved the cock to one side so that I could run my lips down the length to the base where I licked and curled my tongue under and over. His shaft pushed against my cheek; I swear I felt its head caressing my ear. I ran my tongue back along the side till I came to the head. I parted my lips further, and I guided his cock into my mouth."


The Deep End

‘And where would that leave me? Listening to you carrying on like that has my dick hard again, and I bet that vibrator has just enough juice left in it.’


Alchemy And Sweetmeats

"Using the warm liquid, he would open up the folds of my pussy, further exposing me to his clinical gaze. He would then lean forward to get a closer look, pupils wide and black, as he bent his head down to inhale deeply the scent that he claimed was like 'heaven on earth'. My clit would peak out at him when he watched me this way, like a turtle poking its head inquisitively out of its shell."