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Careful What You Wish For

Careful What You Wish For

"I dropped down on him, like a starving woman needing food for survival. I ground into his lap hard, leaning back with my arms on the desk for support. He wrapped his arms around me as his tongue worked my breasts over. I pumped feverishly as the intense release began to build. I could feel him tightening. His breath became hoarse as he muttered dirty things to himself. I jerked my hips and expoded. He swore as he came."

Tiffany & Brandon!

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Shower Fucking - The Bust

Morning Glory

"With agonizing slowness, your cock enters me an inch at a time, until I feel your balls touch my skin. You rest within me, luxuriating in the creamy heat surrounding your cock. As always, I marvel at the perfection of our fit. You begin kissing my eyes, forehead, cheeks and neck—oblivious to the water streaming between us."


Front Seat Frolic

"Onto the cold steering wheel I threw my body back,
Expertise and know how he sure did not lack.
His relentless fingers slid effortlessly inside,
As into my mouth his erection I did hide."



"I could almost feel the droplets of water falling upon my shivering skin as she spread herself across me to keep me warm. I could feel her nipples, as hard as tiny pebbles, pressing against my own. Her lips traced along the nape of my neck and toward my ears. I could feel her teeth sink into my earlobe and her warm breath as she exhaled an impossibly sexy whisper into my ear, “Jaynie, I’m going to make you cum.”


Fantasy Football

"Yet, this anticipation felt like my first time all over again. The first time a boy ever shoved his tongue down my throat and let his hands roam my young, inexperienced body. The first time I felt the rush of sensation between my thighs as I experienced the merciless waves of an orgasm."


Riding The Train

"His hand reaches for my hair and he snaps my head back to kiss me as his cock enters me from behind. Short, hard, staccato fucking. I want to scream it feels so good. He releases my hair but holds his mouth to my ear warning me to stay quiet or he’ll stop. I nod and bite my lip as his boot gently moves my legs apart further."

Sexual Panther

Coming During Intercourse, Or Not

"So much of good sex is about my partner’s willingness—and enthusiasm—about having sex in ways that aren’t necessarily just about intercourse."


Thorsday Night

"‘I told you not to scream.’ A more muted clatter is followed by a delicate splintering sound that tells her the lamp is down. ‘Do you want me to hurt you?’ He presses her against the edge of the table and shoves her back across it, prying her legs open around his hard body."


A Pleasant Surprise

"I sat on the edge of the table, straddling that gorgeous body as Justin began to tease my opening with one finger, running it around and around, brushing my clit until I had to replace the towel to keep my moans quiet."