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Office Santa

“Well, well, well, young lady,” he said, in classic Santa fashion. I gave a brief curtsy, and Nick guided me onto his thigh. The soft felt of his costume was delightful on my ass through the holes of my fishnets, and I squirmed on purpose. Nick coughed, then said, “Kristi…er, Mrs. Claus…fancy seeing you here in my lap.”

Angelina, Tristan and Ricardo - Threesome

Three's A Crowd I Like

"Dave wasted no time. He knelt down in front of her, pushed her legs back over the armrests and guided his dick to her pussy. Marc's cum was oozing out of her already and added to the puddle of her own juices under her ass. "Ready?" he asked gently, trying to keep the urgency out of his voice and succeeding only partially."


True Stories: Training Day

"You've been very descriptive in your emails". She then took me fully into her mouth and began to bob her head up and down, occasionally pausing to slide her tongue along the length of my rigid shaft. I began to pulsate my hips to match the rhythm of her mouth as I ran my fingers through her long, soft blonde hair which was cascading across my lap. Man, this was heaven."

Envy And Samson - Flick Switch

I Am Yours

"You are more than smiling now. You are aroused. You are watching your pretty little girl on her knees, sucking someone’s cock. You’re watching my pretty lips parted around a big hard cock, taking it deep into my throat just because you ordered me to. My ass juts out invitingly; my soaking cunt is open obscenely and exposed to the room, and they are watching."


Pavlov Almost Got It Right

"Joe firmly held my hair – directing my every move. As I moved up and down his erection I became acutely aware of his reactions. It didn’t take long before I recognized the deep quivering and prepared myself to feel his cum splash against my throat."


Take A Gamble

"Jessie was ready to take everything he had to give. She wanted his seed against her tongue, anticipated that brief moment of total surrender when he ultimately came. God, she wanted this – him – forever if he would have her."

Sixty Nine Is Fine

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Pure And Simple

"Let me take you on a journey,
a journey where
and other body parts
will be filled."


I Like To Watch

"Jenna had watched from above as Beth sat up to look around as if she were checking to see if anyone could see her. After Beth lay back, her hands slowly roamed over her body, stopping to caress her breasts and to pinch and roll her nipples between her fingers. Eventually, one of Beth's hands slid down inside the front of her bikini bottoms and after she spread her legs a bit, Jenna could see Beth's hand moving in a circular motion inside the little panty while Beth's other hand continued to play with her breast. Jenna knew she should look away, but she couldn't bring herself to stop staring."


Drunk And Disorderly

"His cock is out. The streaks of party lights strewn from the trees, show me just enough to make me half crazy with want. Big hands that grip my flesh, big fingers that slide into my cunt just one more time. Big cock that I am suddenly being impaled on. He stretches me and fills me, all the while his serious gaze studies me."