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"How dare they think I could be so easily snared! What was I? Some whore they could just use any way they wanted?! I was mad…I was angry……I was so fucking horny…I was swimming with butterflies…then I realised, I was in control."

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Belize Nights

Belize Nights

"His strong hands slid down her shoulders and around her back as he pulled her into his body. Her nipples tightened and she wished their clothing would magically disappear leaving nothing between them but heat and skin."


Oasis Orange

"Fuck, Dylan, why do I give you this power? What makes me feel this way? Do these girls..these little dick suckers …have any idea of the pawns they really are? They believe they’ll succeed in this business, the glamour of film making and all, but they have no idea of the complete master of self-control one has to be in order to make it in this fucked up city where dreams are nothing more than cotton candy on a child’s tongue."


The Workout

“Hold still!” She took her time exploring my cunt, alternating between rough and soft touches, gently blowing on my clit one minute, then tugging on my lips the next. Then she started fingering me. “You’re nice and tight,” she whispered. “That must mean Rick over there isn’t that big.” Rick strangled back a protest and I giggled, only to cry out as she worked four fingers – then her whole hand – into my hole."


Confessions of a Victorian Prostitute

"He lies back on the bed, and I can see his magnificent, throbbing cock pointing up towards the ceiling. What can a girl do to resist a sight like that? Absolutely nothing."


The Girl In The Red Coat

"She waited until the metro resumed its motion before touching her breasts, gently at first, circling them with her fingertips as her nipples rose, begging to be plucked. The girl obliged, rolling the peaks between her thumb and forefinger as she tilted her head back and let out a needy moan. Ian looked on, agape, as spellbound with her as she was. He shifted in his seat, his growing erection and the uncertainty of what to do about it making him considerably uncomfortable."

Slap & Tickle

Seduced By A Stranger

"Jesus, she’d never liked being called “baby” before, but when he said it with that accent, it made her wild. “I-Please, lick my pussy. Make me come.” Her face burned from embarrassment at her brazen words, but he rewarded her effort."



"Jess brushed her fingertips against Tara's arm. It was rounded and smooth -- almost powdery, like the softness of fresh naan. She wanted to feel it between her teeth, know it with her tongue, but she held back. Jess lifted Tara's heavy breasts through the layers of silk, one and then the other."

Hard n' Fast - Pretty Tied

Pretty Tied Up

"I am filled with you, my pussy sucking you deeper and deeper inside. I allow you to fill and complete me. Gently and slowly to begin with, I start to grind so that my clit rubs against your pubic hair, sending chills right through me."