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Diving Dolphin


The Diving Dolphin is a sex toy that can be used by both partners during love making.

The first thing that struck me is that it looks a little unusual, and I found it hard to imagine how we would both be able to enjoy it during the actual act itself. But it was the first sex toy my wife and I had purchased for both of us, so I was up for anything…and it would also be my first time using any type of mechanical sex aid.

The blue jelly type material it is mostly made from looks fantastic, and it feels firm though soft, if that makes any sense at all. It’s an attractive little machine, and I like the Dolphin shape. The Dolphin fits over the penis and has two eggs that stimulate the guy’s balls at the same time as working on the woman’s clit.

It’s a great idea, but I was concerned at how it would actually fit between us while we are going about our business…how would it not get in the way?

Firstly, I have to say is that it is a very tight fit around the penis…I needed some lube to be able to get it into place properly. It actually felt like a cock ring, and that tightness helped keep my hard-on nice and strong. I’m an average sized guy so for fella’s with a little extra it might be necessary to put the Dolphin on before getting hard. It felt quiet strange having it in place…uncomfortable at first to be honest. It felt bulky and awkward.

I was surprised that it didn’t overly interfere during sex though; it does stop you from sliding all the way in, but the trade-off is definitely worth while! The vibration on my balls was absolutely amazing, with the positioning perfect for great stimulation. And my wife loved the vibration on her clit and labia.

There are two vibration controls…one for both of us, and different vibrating strengths. It is definitely a strong little Dolphin!

The highest level was too intense for me to handle, way to much over-stimulation, but the mid-range strength was perfect for an awesome ball tickle. My wife let me handle her control (I think that’s her sub tendencies coming to the surface), and I loved being able to help her achieve so much pleasure while we slowly fucked.

It was an incredibly sexy experience. She came multiple times, and gave the Dolphin a resounding thumbs-up. We both highly recommend the Diving Dolphin as a sex aid for couples!


• Tight fit around penis…feels like a cock ring
• Position of vibrating eggs is perfect
• Vibrating eggs are removable so you can do different things with them
• Dual controls, different vibration levels
• Strong vibration
• Great for him and her…mutual fun!
• Good price for how many times you will use it
• Looks and feels attractive
• Small and easy to hide or pack in a suitcase


• Feels a little awkward at first…takes a little to get used to
• Inhibits full penetration during sex
• Thought it was a little noisy, but my wife said it is average compared to most vibes
• Has to be disassembled for cleaning
• Cords can get in the way a little
• Can slip a bit out of position if your fucking gets extremely heated


Definitely a great piece of equipment to have handy for when you want to spice things up a little. Not something you would use every time, but a great way to have fun and increase both of your pleasure. Excellent present for couples to celebrate an anniversary!

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