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Sex Story


Six Sides Of Steel

"The crowd roared as his cock stretched her. He went deep, growling in her face with every inch he gave until he could give no more. He held her in place, plugged and throbbing around his dick."

Canvas Back.jpg

Canvas Back

“Oh God, yes.” I knelt between her legs and traced up and down her opening slowly, then cradled her clit. Leeny’s moans grew as she anchored her arms to the top of the chaise and ground her hips to my face. I pushed my tongue in her. She was delectable inside. Not perfumed, real and a bit meaty. My voice was muffled in her crotch, a series of incoherent exclamations of the beauty while I combed her fiery pubic hair with my thumbs."


The Single Mother

"My mind wants this to last all night…but my body wants release! I move behind her and bury my cock deep inside her wanton body. When I bottom out, she lets out a gorgeous shriek and I grab her waist and begin to fuck her. I can hear my balls slapping against her clit as I take her hard and fast, the passion and heat now controlling my actions; a beast unleashed."


Confessions of a Victorian Prostitute - Part 2

"She relaxed more deeply into the water and I noticed her legs parting, oh so very slightly, but sufficiently for me to manoeuvre the sponge in such a manner that both it and my right hand were hovering tantalisingly close to her cute little quim. I paused, briefly, unsure of my position. Was I mistaken in the messages I had received? Was I about to take a liberty too far?"


The DoubleDare Hotel

"All sense of propriety fled my mind. I held Jill’s thighs in my hands, and spun into the corner of the elevator. I lifted her off the floor and rested her ass against the cold metal of the handrail that encircled the wall and leaned in. As the tip of my hard cock came to rest against the warm wetness of her pussy, the need to fill her overwhelmed me."

Vanilla Dreams

Easy Like Sunday Morning

"I can still feel where his hands gripped to hold me steady for his punishingly sweet strokes. There is the pleasant twinge where he smacked my ass and I felt that satisfying ache that only rough sex can bring deep inside."


Sensitive To The Touch

“Next I was going to lounge back on the sofa and make you stroke my beautiful legs while you ate my pussy until I came all over your face. But even though it’s your birthday, I wasn’t planning on doing anything for you. Except watch while you jerk off on the stockings, then rub your gooey spunk all over my thighs and tits. Then I’ll make you rub my clit with your slick finger until I come again.”



"How dare they think I could be so easily snared! What was I? Some whore they could just use any way they wanted?! I was mad…I was angry……I was so fucking horny…I was swimming with butterflies…then I realised, I was in control."


Oasis Orange

"Fuck, Dylan, why do I give you this power? What makes me feel this way? Do these girls..these little dick suckers …have any idea of the pawns they really are? They believe they’ll succeed in this business, the glamour of film making and all, but they have no idea of the complete master of self-control one has to be in order to make it in this fucked up city where dreams are nothing more than cotton candy on a child’s tongue."


Confessions of a Victorian Prostitute

"He lies back on the bed, and I can see his magnificent, throbbing cock pointing up towards the ceiling. What can a girl do to resist a sight like that? Absolutely nothing."

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