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Sex Story



"Greedily, she pulled it toward her, widening her legs, searching for more. Next to her, she could hear her husband’s quickened breath and knew immediately that his hand held his own cock in an undeniable response to the image before him."


Yes Tim

"I liked the feel of being at his mercy. It made my cunt frantic. All I wanted was for him to fuck me. However he wanted. It didn’t matter to me. Just the sensation of it was all I asked for. Just that. Nothing else."


Manly Art

"James brought his brown lips to her lily-white breasts, licking and sucking them. Fidelia let out a profound moan as she began to stroke his impressive cock. The Caribe let out gasps and whimpers, obvious signals he was more than willing to experience the delights of Fidelia’s shapely florid pussy. Not wanting to deprive the lad, I eased up on my stropping. Fidelia was soon on top of him, her legs spread, enabling me to see her bum and its appetizing crack. Meanwhile, I espied James’ dark member pummeling her effortlessly from the front."

Daria And Guy Winter Storm

Winter Storm

"She placed his wrist firmly on the mass of hair covering her mound, and she pushed her swollen clit forward until it pressed against his palm. Two of his long thick fingers slid easily into her open hole. While she held his hand tightly against her body, she began to thrust her crotch rhythmically against his palm."


Stand In

“I’m not sure you like this very much Mr. Masked guy. You might want to rethink it next time before you say yes to fucking me hmmm? What’d you expect? Some kind of doggy style moment where you’d get your rocks off? I bet you piece of shit. You seriously thought I’d leave my Daddy for you? That’s laughable. You’re here to do one thing, fuck me with that limp dick of yours. Let’s see if we can’t make it a little harder hmmm?”



"I lifted each foot and slipped out of my shoes so he could easily take them right off. I was standing completely nude in front of my hubby’s best friend, while my hubby watched. My pussy was only three or four inches from Peter’s face."



"Caught up again in the feeling of this amazing man inside me, my whispered moans become light cries and then primal shouts. Orgasms move through me like tidal waves, one after another and another. When all my breath is gone and the tide goes out again I weakly wave my hand."


The Water Boy

"He goes down to his knees and pushes my skirt up to my waist as he starts licking my pussy from behind. One hand moves around my hip in search of my clit, I guide his hand to it and his fingers waste no time stroking and teasing my hard little nub causing goose bumps to spread over my body."


A Night With A Soldier

"She moaned as he suckled at her noisily, her breast erupting in pleasure. Without warning his cock thrust into again like a battering ram. Her screams became moans for more."


Yes, Master

“It’s obvious you’re ready to be fucked. Which is a fortunate coincidence, because I’m ready, too.” Tony pushed down the sheet to reveal his naked cock. As if by magic, it seemed thicker and redder than I’d ever seen it."

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