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Studio: Sex Z Pictures
Director: Eli Cross
Year: 2006
Starring: Eli Cross/Bryn Pryor, Kylie Ireland, Hillary Scott, Steve Holmes, James Deen, Herschel Savage, Mark Davis, Tyler Knight, Alana Evans, Ariana Jollee

If anybody is still looking for proof that the world of adult film making has evolved from the sleazy old days of cheesy acting and corny storylines (what I call the “Nacho Mix”), then do whatever is necessary to feast your eyes on multiple 2006 AVN Award winner Corruption.

Be warned however; the sex in this movie is not for the feint hearted. It is about as intense as legal XXX gets; disturbingly so at times, but the extreme nature of the performances are in the context of the unsettling storyline.

The storyline is as simple as it is relevant and powerful. Up and coming political superstar David Helms (played by Bryn Prior, AKA Director Eli Cross) is a Republican Senator from California, and has his sights set firmly on running for President. Supported by his equally power hungry wife Caroline (played by Kylie Ireland) and a band of loyal though nefarious followers, there seems little that can stop his steam train of success all the way to the White House.

What the smooth Senator hides, however, is a wanton and depraved sexual appetite that he struggles (and usually fails!) to contain. Combined with his arrogance and insatiable greed, the result is a despicable, schizophrenic character of overwhelming influence and seemingly unlimited power.

So when reporter James Deen enters the scene and threatens to expose the Senator and bring his corrupt world crashing down, you know that bad things are bound to ensue. And make no mistake…those inevitable bad things are very bad indeed, and claim everyone concerned.

What I loved about the plot is the relevance, albeit extreme, and the cynical observations of those in power. There is integrity in the storytelling which flows through the entirety of the movie, and at no stage does the intensity relent or attempt to pull any punches.

It will hit you right between the eyes, uncomfortably so at times, but such power in the storytelling is something you won’t find in XXX like this anywhere else.

As I mentioned at the start of this review, the sex was absolutely not my cup of tea at many stages. It bordered at times on outright degradation, and incorporates themes or violence and humiliation on so many occasions that there were times that I seriously considered switching off.

Yet I continued watching, because truth be told, the extremity of the sex was in context with the extremity of the plot and movie overall, and you just don’t know what is going to happen next.

There are a massive thirteen sex scenes in this movie; that has to be close to a record. So what sexual themes will you find? Well, just about all of them. Anal, oral, group, double penetration, sub/dom, humiliation, BDSM, orgies, fisting, lesbianism, toys…believe me, there are more, but I think you get the picture.

There are several standout scenes, including some which will have even the most hardened porn connoisseur shifting uncomfortably in their chair.

The first scene which finds Bryn Prior rehearsing a speech into the mirror while Hillary performs a nasty blowjob sets the tone of what is to come. She wears a slap to the face for giving him some teeth, but continues unabated; leaving us in no doubt that she is nothing more than his sex toy.

Just as a point of interest, and this is something which is relatively rare in XXX, Prior uses a “stunt cock” (on this occasion Chris Cannon). That’s a bold call by Prior, which in my mind places his commitment to making this film as good as it can be (even in the fine details like attractiveness of penis!) over his own ego, and let’s just say that the “stunt cock” performs brilliantly. But if you didn’t know this fact you would never tell because of the clever directing.

Scene Five is one which really got people talking about this movie when it was released. It is bizarre and pushes the boundaries, yet I found it powerfully erotic at the same time.

Hillary Scott assumes the role of sinner and confesses her filthy secrets to the faux priest, Heschel Savage. Talk about taking sacrilege to new extremes! In how many movies do you find a woman reciting her “Hail Mary’s” whilst being taken anally? Not many, that’s for sure.

I’m not a religious girl (anymore anyway…I’m rebelling against my Catholic childhood), but I sense if viewers did hold some religious convictions then this would be a very confronting scene. I guess, however, that heavily religious people wouldn’t be watching porn this extreme in the first place (or they shouldn’t be…tut-tut), hence Bryn Prior’s daring!

Scene Six is probably my favourite sexual encounter of the film, mostly because it is more conventional and features two extremely hot actors in Alana Evans (one of my most favourite women in porn…even with the silicone!) and the yummy Tyler Knight. Lots of passion, lots of enthusiasm and loads of realistic enjoyment from both players.

Scene Seven is one of the most unique lesbian encounters that you will ever find. It is harsh…certainly not the soft vanilla flavour that is usually my choice of lesbian action.

Hillary Scott and Kylie Ireland despise each other over their vying affections for David Helms…it sets up a venomous scene where no mercy is asked for, nor given. It is a clash of heavyweight proportions, and the sex is both malicious and pitiless.

I found the creativity of this scene quite brilliant; I haven’t seen anything like it before. Both actresses play their parts with intense believability and some absolutely freakish chemistry results. It is a great scene that fits incredibly well into the film and progresses the plot, and is less about the sex than it is about power and domination.

Scene Nine is just surreal, and not necessarily in a good way. It is as disturbing as it is arousing, and I was left feeling quite a deal of respect for the acting ability of Alana Evans. She carries this scene with more passion and realism than many mainstream actresses could manage in their far more basic roles.

The scene revolves around the need for Alana to redeem herself, and prove her loyalty, to David Helms. She is crying almost the entire time and shows tremendous depth of emotion as she is made to pleasure herself at the feet of Helms. It is degrading, moving, twisted and just downright strange…yet once again, maybe it is the slight sick puppy within me, but I found it erotic in an indescribably warped way.

The last sex scene features an absolutely decadent orgy to celebrate David Helms nomination for the White House…and when I say decadent, I mean perverted, outlandish and shocking. I didn’t even know some of the things you witness in this orgy were possible!

I have to be honest; I found this orgy more a freakshow than sexually arousing. Although I watched it in a “you’ve got to be fucking kidding me” kind of way, I was entranced none the less. For extreme and graphic manoeuvres like double fisting and cum swapping, you won’t find much more graphic. Absolutely jaw-dropping stuff!

Quite simply, the film is brilliantly put together. In terms of XXX, this is a feature film where no expense has been spared to make the production top notch and utterly professional.

If you took the sex out of it, you would still be able to get into the storyline and character acting. It is another of those movies which kicks the crud out of many mainstream Hollywood movies.

As my fellow reviewer Carmen Spade famously said, “was I asleep when porn stars learnt to act?” The answer, sweet Carmen, is yes. Every actor in this film pulls off their part brilliantly. Extra special mention has got to go to Alana Evans and Bryn Prior who deliver incredibly powerful performances that drive the story along.

The direction by Eli Cross/Bryn Prior is outstanding. Sex Z Pictures gave him his head with this picture and he delivered big time with expert direction and slick production. This is the product of a professional, and someone whose future work I will keenly look forward to.

The tone of the film is very shadowy, very intense and overwhelmingly nasty. The only drawback I could find was that the lighting in some scenes was a tad dark, but it is not a major problem.

Some of the scenes were very extreme; the use of guns and knives at times went too far, and the humiliation and degradation of some of the characters was disturbing. It does play into the evil power of the film, however, which makes it bearable, but only just.

Do not go into this film without knowing full well what you are getting into. It is hardcore to the farthest legal degree; easily the most severe adult film I’ve ever seen. If you like lots of cuddles, kisses and easy-on-the-eye vanilla sex, forget it.

It is a lengthy film that deserves to be taken in during one sitting, so actually treat it like a proper film with loads of kinky sex rather than straight up XXX. The story will keep you enthralled, and the sex will challenge your erotic boundaries.

I felt a little in shock at the end, but the time absolutely flew by which is generally a good indication that I was able to immerse myself in the action. It is certainly not a film that gives you a chance to be bored or fall asleep, and it isn’t one that you should skip through the storyline just to get to the sex bits…it is far better than that. Do it justice; you won’t regret it (or maybe you will, but that’s the thrill of the experience!)

Corruption is a story about greed, power, decadence and depravity…it is the absolute cutting edge of the Adult industry, and a film that continues the evolution of XXX.

GUYS: OOOOO (5 Screaming “O”rgasms out of 5)

Final WordCorruption will leave you feeling filthy, violated and depraved…and ready for more!


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