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Spin Cycle

"One finger. Two. I moaned, savoring my wetness and loving the rumble of the dryer beneath my ass. I stroked myself as deeply as my fingers could go before slowly removing them and trailing them, hot and wet from my juices, up over my folds to my swollen clit."


Joy Button

"At times I’ve been known to wake the neighbors and get a cramp in both wrists. One holding the book a loft of my tiny, tight stomach while the other plucks at my clit."

The Prisoner


"I lifted one foot and placed it on the window sill, revealing myself to the world outside, and began to thrust three fingers into my dripping cunt while still squeezing a breast above. I was lost in ecstasy, bucking my hips furiously as the first climax hit, then the second, I rolled my head back and let go a primal scream of release. The thought of being watched as I pleasured myself was driving me crazy."


On The Night Bus

"Soon, Will stopped thinking and simply watched and wanked. The breast play had ceased, and, although he couldn't actually see what was happening, it was damn obvious that the girl was now giving her boyfriend a blow job. Her blonde head was bobbing up and down, and it was the man's turn to grunt and moan as his cock was enveloped in a hot, wet and very willing mouth."


This Is Not A Love Letter

"My mind swims with thoughts of your head between my legs and me coming against your tongue while your fingers are buried inside me, locking me to you. My mouth is dry, my panties wet. I can't concentrate on anything but how badly I want you."



"He speaks again, telling her to put her fingers inside. She obliges; first one, then two, now three. She pumps slowly, his face close enough that he can smell her pussy. His grin and his voice tell her she is doing it right."


Candy Bar Lover

"I was coming. This wasn’t just a little twitchy orgasm. It was my entire body. I tried to grab onto something to hold onto, the blanket, the emergency brake, the dash. My fingers grazed the candy bar. With no time to unwrap it, I slid it inside me."

wet fun.jpg

Good, Clean Fun

"I would warm myself up good with the water device, and then stick the suction cup dildo to the shower floor and squat over it. I could hang on to the grab bars (installed for safety) and ride it hard. Oh the ecstasy! The orgasms I had!"


Touch Me Once - A Girl's Guide to Self Pleasure!

"I have a dirty, little secret (well, I have a lot of dirty, little secrets) that I have kept from my boyfriend: sometimes, I prefer whacking it to having sex with him. And it’s not because the sex is awful. It’s simply that I’ve gotten rather brilliant at pleasing myself."


Back Into The Light

"I’ve decided not to deny myself the pleasures of the flesh. No more shutting myself away again and behaving like a nun! I went to a friend’s hen party last week and treated myself to a nice little toy. It’s a small, pink egg-shaped vibrator. Soft to the touch with two long prongs which vibrate at different levels. And I’ve decided that tonight, I’m going to take it for a test drive!"

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