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Brad & Dana Truth or Dare

Silence In The Afternoon

"I take your whole cock in my mouth, all the way to the back of my throat, hold it there for a moment, letting my tongue and gums and cheeks absorb every flavor, every bit of skin. When you start groaning, I begin to suck and thrust, swallowing you whole and releasing, only to swallow you again."


A Night With A Soldier

"She moaned as he suckled at her noisily, her breast erupting in pleasure. Without warning his cock thrust into again like a battering ram. Her screams became moans for more."


Yes, Master

“It’s obvious you’re ready to be fucked. Which is a fortunate coincidence, because I’m ready, too.” Tony pushed down the sheet to reveal his naked cock. As if by magic, it seemed thicker and redder than I’d ever seen it."


London Escort Girls 4 U

"Sensual, sinful, exciting. A discerning gentleman’s fantasy at his fingertips in London…"

Kade & Joel - Alan

True Stories: Let's Do Lunch

"Kay was always very noisy when we fucked and this always turned me on in the past, but as I began to lick her pussy, she started to moan so loudly that I just knew someone was going to hear us."



"Her gaze burnt a path of warmth down between my breasts and over my stomach. Each breath I took lifted my nipples up eagerly towards her, waiting to be nibbled and sucked. With each touch of her fingertips, her lips, her tongue, her mouth, she spread through my being."


Breaking Up From Behind

"I hopped on top of him and straight away sunk my wet pussy down on his cock. He groaned, rolling his head back and forth on the bed. That cock was a good size after I’d sucked it, and I was half tempted to ride it into the sunset. But no. I had to stick to the plan."


The Laughter Of Youthful Decadence

"In the shower, Mike kissed her mouth, neck, and breasts, while her hands explored his body, and her pussy pulsed to have him inside. When she dropped to her knees and took him in her mouth, his swollen cock almost made her gag, but he drew back to accommodate her, and began moaning."


Exceptional Tastes

"Eventually, he is ready to enter me. I lower myself onto him with a reservation: I know he is going to push back. They can’t help it. The first contact of entry always entices a pelvic thrust. I know he can’t help it, which makes it all the more fun to whip him one in the chest."

Sophie and Nate*

Affairs Of Government

"I plunge your cock into my mouth, taking it in as deep as I can, feeling your tip tickle my tonsils, slight gag reflex being subdued, further and further down...until my nose is edging your belly. Creating a rhythm, I rock back and forth, losing myself in the motion and feeling of fullness, inhaling the scent, listening to your moans, senses alive and fully in the moment."

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