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The Best Pain I've Ever Felt

"Oh," I sigh, as he pushes his two fingers in, pressing against the inside of me, feeling the muscle contract and expand, trembling and squeezing and releasing. I grind further into him, our lips meet and the light in my body burns brighter, harder, his tongue is wet and warm, my cunt is wet and hot."


Highway 69

"He nibbled on my clit and continued eating my pussy as the rain beat against the hot metal and skin. Slipping two fingers inside of me, he began finger fucking me to ecstasy while sucking on my engorged pink clit. I was moaning and crying out, begging him to let me cum when he pulled me off the hood and pushed me to my knees in the wet grass."

Older Man Addiction.jpg

Older Man Addiction

"He lifted my legs onto his shoulders and started to fuck me, hard, increasing his pace in synch with my moans, staring me straight in the eye. I urged him on as I came once again, convulsions rushing through my body, a blood curdling “yessss!” rushing from my lips."


This Is Not A Love Letter

"My mind swims with thoughts of your head between my legs and me coming against your tongue while your fingers are buried inside me, locking me to you. My mouth is dry, my panties wet. I can't concentrate on anything but how badly I want you."


By Appointment Only

“You shouldn’t let me fuck you again,” he went on in a murmur and pushed her against the arm of the sofa. “Lucky for you, that’s not what I have in mind today, at least not yet.”



"All this time she had vaguely thought him fuckable, but she'd pictured a rushed affair, an impulse, and a slam bang finish. Not this long beautiful tease, his cock at her wet entry, kissing her clit with its tip, glistening with her juices. He slid quickly in suddenly and she breathed a long shuddering sigh at the feel of his length filling her."



"A thousand times I've crushed his face to my breast. A thousand times he's caused my breath to quicken and my body to ripple with the most intense pleasure. Even as I write this, I can feel his warm mouth locked around some part of me, sucking the orgasms out of me."


Sex In The Rain

"She approached the edge of orgasm; pulled him to her, lifted her pelvis, placed her legs around his calves, and with her hands on his hips caused him to move. His strokes became longer and faster and harder. She delighted as his cock engorged and became more rigid."

shadow couple.jpg


"When he fondled one nipple playfully, it instantly became erect. As she felt her knees go weak, she locked one knee around his thigh. He slid his two hands past her waist and hips, down the outside of her thighs, and hitched her legs up around his hips, noticing she had no underwear underneath her skirt."


The Cellist

"Sebastian danced and slow-fucked her for long luxuriant intervals. Whenever he came close to coming, he would arch back and pull out. He seemed to be humming, yes, always humming a melody of such indiscernible beauty. Here, in the soft glow of the candelabra, Marina was his instrument."

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